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Author Topic: adultwork secret stuff  (Read 5239 times)

Offline pilgrim

I think what JRC is getting at is that if you have a phone number and the WG agrees to a booking over the phone without the need to make a booking through the AW system then she cant leave feedback on you and likewise you cant leave feedback on her.  In a perfect world where the booking goes through and its a positive punt and feedback is good for both parties then the feedback system is great.  If you want to give negative fedback then you cant because you have not made the booking on AWs system all you can do is post a Neg FR on here and the wider audience will see it.  You get some WGs that wont see you unless you have 4 or whatever positive feedbacks even though she displays her phone number and agrees to make a booking over the phone. Its not an ideal situation.

Offline k

Yes -------------------- but if you would not have booked through Adultwork you would not have had this problem.  :hi:

According to Louise you don't need to get to the booking stage before notes can be written

As soon as someone has emailed you, then you can write notes. Utterly pointless sometimes.

Offline rpg

According to Louise you don't need to get to the booking stage before notes can be written

Yes I get what Jimmy is saying. Just get her phone number and get on with it. I kinda like using the site though for the feedback, but as is said here it only takes an e-mail and the fuckers have you at their mercy.
I think we can all agree it's a shit system.
With my new profile I'll take Jimmy's advice and only use it for those who want booked through the site.

Offline SteveNova

One sure way to avoid all this feedback bollocks --------------- only see girls who display a phone number, I don't need feedback to spend £100.    :mad: :mad:
Exactly - why play the AW game?   Secret notes are for schoolgirls, not working girls  :P

Offline Alde

I can do it for those who know who I am on AW.  send me an email and I will tell you if there is anything against your name or not xxx

Hi Dani.  Been told by a WG that I have an Alias which was news to me as I only ever have have one account.  Have used someone else's PC to log on which I now see might be the cause even though I deleted history etc. Is you offer to look at this and notes still open?  If so should I PM you here or via AW mail?

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