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Author Topic: Edinburgh Saunas  (Read 2191 times)

Offline Fifer79

I've only just joined the site, been punting for a while but somehow managed to be oblivious to the site and only really been on aw. I'm going to post some reviews of my previous meetings.

I usually book independents but recently visited lss which was my 1st visit to a sauna. I'll post a review separate but wanted to ask some up to date general advice on the Edinburgh Saunas from anyone more familiar than myself. If possible what you think is the best option, prices, girls, facilities and services, also etiquette advice if possible. I mostly visit weekday lunchtimes if this helps.

Any advice would be very much appreciated.


Offline f_angel

I could post a rather exhaustive description of what happens, the parlours and their current girls, that I have on my laptop but I'll give you a quick rundown...

You enter the parlour and pay a fee, typically 20-25 for half hour, 30 to 40 for an hour depending on the parlour. One example is Newtown which is 20 and 30, Scorpio is 25 and 35. Note that Gemini seems to have a flat rate, not sure of the 30 min cost, but 45 mins is 80, 1 hour is 85.

You are then invited in where you will usually be offered a locker and a towel, and after a shower etc can join the ladies in a lounge where you can then choose your companion. In the room you can expect to pay around 50 for a half hour and around 70 to 80 for the hour. There may or may not be extras on top for things like CIM, come twice etc. This can vary not only between parlours but between girls in the parlours. This means that some girls can end up costing quite a bit more than you'd expect, while others can be a bundle of multiple come fun for a great price.

Right now, Newtown is a pretty good bet with some nice girls including Shia (superstar), Daphne (excellent) and various other girls who generally seem to be held in good regard. Reviews on here tell you who to avoid there. Blair Street is also generally well thought of, as is London Street it seems, though I haven't been in either for years. Scorpio needs an overhaul of the premises, but the girls, particularly the Scottish ones (and Thai Tanya) are damn good at their jobs. Gemma, Laurelle and Stephanie are examples of good girls currently there.

Haven't been in Carols for a year or so, but I generally found it a decent enough place with good girls. Gemini is also good, and hopefully will get more staff soon.

I've also had a couple of good punts in the Executive sauna, though I bailed out of my last visit as the talent was really disappointing. That may have changed. The Ambassador has great premises, and some girls who in the past worked at the New Blythswood in Glasgow. However, of the visits I've had, none really give me a reason to recommend it over, say, Newtown, or other well regarded parlours.

Hope that Helps.

Edited to add:

In terms of Etiquette, don't be afraid to tell your girl what kind of thing you're looking for. You'll have a much better time if you're both trying to go in the same direction, assuming you've chosen a good girl. Other than that, just be pleasant and friendly and you should have a good time. I've had some great times in the Edinburgh parlours over the last few years, just by relaxing, being friendly and making sure myself and the girl both know what we're doing.
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Offline JazzMan

Hi Fifer
Loads on here about Edinburgh saunas.
The way to find them is use the search box at the top right.
Search for LSS or BSS or NTS
LSS - London Street Sauna
BSS - Blair Street Saunalss
NTS - New Town Sauna
Banning reason: Slagging off membership

Offline Fifer79

Thanks for the replies.

Thinking i might try nts next then bss. Iss was actually better than i had thought it would be. I must admit i felt a bit paranoid going in and leaving due to location but i suppose it's part of the territoty. Couple of the girls seemed far more interested than the others, one of whom was in my opinion far prettier than others but wasn't going to spend money when she looked like she couldnt be bothered.

Thanks again.

Offline f_angel

I've found that if a girl doesn't show any interest in the lounge then she's rarely much fun in the room. There are exceptions but it's a good rule of thumb.

Offline bigmike32

Yeah i agree if they cant make an effort in the lounge then they wont be too much fun in the room. I liked lss it was a good atmosphere inside but too many ee girls imo i like british and scottish girls. Nts has a couple of great girls and in bss im still tempted by daisy and amy is working there now.

Offline ComeAgain

Note that Gemini seems to have a flat rate, not sure of the 30 min cost, but 45 mins is 80, 1 hour is 85.
Gosh....its not often Gemini gets a mention in these columns!  A mixed bag of girls, but sometimes you'll find a gem. Relaxed feel about it, but could do with a wee refurbish.

Online Third Man

thanks f a, i didnt realise there were 8 saunas still open.   seems ill be punting more in the area fairly soon so this is good info  cheers

Offline bigmike32

What is all the saunas that are still open. Theres a girl on aw called robyn milf who i emailed and it turns out shes at dundas street sauna.

Offline f_angel

All the ones I've mentioned are still open. I've seen Robyn in the lounge at Gemini but a bit bigger than I prefer. Seems nice enough though. Lauren there is excellent. I'm not sure who else is there just now as there seemed to be a bit of a staffing crisis.

Offline bigmike32

Yeah robyn seems nice enough and i dont mind a larger lady but ive managed to get a booking with sexy megan so my return punt to a sauna will have to wait.

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