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Author Topic: Sexy Asian babe 07743232144 Portsmouth Area  (Read 1951 times)

Offline MrKeen

https://www.adultwork.com/3388011 or https://www.adultwork.com/Sexy+Asian+Beauty

I rang the number on the above profile to ask if the girl on the profile was the one I would meet. This was affirmed. Also confirmed that the girl spreaks very little English so you have to explain to her "friend" what you require in advance.  The profile states Chineese. Googled the phone number seems to belong to Japanese, taiwanese, and Korean girls who seem to resemble the girl on the AW profile.  One of the sites google threw up, was a site where it was offered you could chat with the girl, guess that would be fun, NOT
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Well I might as well post a review here, so people know what to expect.  I have no idea how these posts are supposed to go so I will ramble a bit.

I was bored, in the area, and she was available so I decided to go along for an hour and see what was what.

First impressions from the phone call were that she spoke "ok" English.  Not great, but I've spoken to much worse.  A quick look at the location looked fairly safe (right near a main road / public carpark / super store) so I figured I would go ahead.

On arrival parking is a nightmare.  The public carpark turned out to be the superstore park with short waiting time, so I had to find parking on the street, and given the city that's next to impossible unless its the middle of the day (this wasn't).  Once parked up I found the flat and knocked the door.

Here's where it got a bit odd, and tbh I should have walked away.  An old asian woman opened the door, I said is this (insert flat number here)  she mumbled something, gestured to the road and then closed the door.

I got a phone call a few seconds later from the girl saying I had the right address, but her "cook" was confused.  Right.  Letting my cock think for me (always a bad idea) I went back, knocked again, and this time she pointed upstairs, so I went inside and went up.  I have to say this was a little unsettling, but I have had similar situations a few times.  It's not completely uncommon to have a "receptionist", but every time it puts me a little on edge. 

Once upstairs in her fairly sparse but clean room, she took the money, even giving back a tenner that I had accidentally over paid (honest girl) put the money away and we got down to business.

I can confirm that she isn't quite what the photos suggest (although I have not checked the private gallery yet).   She is definitely Chinese, not Japanese.  Very pretty, clean, but also VERY small, and so are her breasts.  The photos suggest she is reasonably well endowed.  This is just padding.  I would guess maybe B cup at best.  She does have the biggest nipples I have ever seen.  Basically zero fat on her.  Not anorexic, but rather well toned etc.

A short period of touchy-feely, and she gestures for me to lay down for a massage.  Note there's been very little verbal exchange at all.  She does a reasonable job of an all-over massage, with plenty of skin-to-skin action.

I turn over, and get to play with her a bit, then she asks "I sucky cock?".   I kind of knew it was coming but I groaned internally (not the good kind) at the phrase when it did.   I agreed, she continued (covered, obviously) making a reasonable go of it all over, but nothing spectacular.

Then she says "I go on top?" and after a fair bit of lube (remember she is tiny, probably less than 5' and I am 6' 5") we got to the "good part".

I say good. I didn't cum, despite her doing her best. I think that was more because in the back of my mind I was half expecting her "cook" and a gang of triads to burst through the door at any moment.  Maybe its a bit racist, but the lack of pre-warning of the receptionist just didn't settle well, and as a result I couldn't quite get there.

I had a reasonably good time otherwise, tried plenty of positions, had an ok massage, and explored here body enough, but I have had better visits.  I'd rate it about a 5/10, mostly due to the price.

Bottom line, If you are after a relatively cheap fuck, are in the area, and don't mind the granny downstairs, it might be worth it.  Otherwise, maybe look elsewhere.

Offline nigel4498

I have always found these Chinese profiles are always B&S. You never see the girl portrayed in the pics.
Same with their parlours. Girls rotate on a weekly basis so pot luck who you get.

Offline Doormatt

Biggest nipples ? Long like bullets ? Or wide areola ? Love a long nip !

Offline oring123

I have always found these Chinese profiles are always B&S. You never see the girl portrayed in the pics.
Same with their parlours. Girls rotate on a weekly basis so pot luck who you get.

i agree never the girl in the photo often some rough old slag.
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Biggest nipples ? Long like bullets ? Or wide areola ? Love a long nip !

Average, possibly even small areola, but stubby bullet nipples.  Easily 1cm across and sticking out 1-2cm.

Admittedly I have seen bigger online, but these were the biggest I have seen in the flesh.

I also don't like meeting a maid or pimp or whatever. Just me and the girl. The less others that know or get involved the better

I agree, the Chinese places nearly always have profile pics with blurred faces, so you can never categorically say that it is not the girl in the photo. I am sure it is never the girl in the photo.
However I have mostly found them to be a young, pretty Chinese girl, who does what they do. I think you have to go along expecting that to be the case

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