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    I saw Amber about 6/7 months ago.

    And she was really really good.

    She's about 5'3 (ish) with huge and amazing boobs, and a stupidly high sex drive.

    She is full figured, but not a BBW.

    In my session, we had the intensity of a PSE - and pounded away at each other (it was a two way affair); but we combined this with the personal approach of a GFE - with loads of kissing, cuddling and all that other stuff.

    We didn't do everything on her likes list, but I get the impression that it's accurate.

    I have only got two criticisms.

    1) Her oral didn't last long enough. She repeatedly told me that my dick was big, and she seemed too keen to get it inside of her.

    2) She was manicured but not pedicured. I know that this is really silly, but it's amazing when everything is done - I would have rather it be done in the other order - or not at all.

    But in summary, she is great. In my session she performed like a really slutty girlfriend; and I think that is in this business for sexual satisfaction, and not just money.

    Offline Hydrant

    Thanks for the review. I see she's on tour in Gillingham at the moment. Very impressed that you can remember any details after six/seven months. I wouldn't remember a single thing we did, let alone the fact that her tootsies weren't as tidy as her fingernails!

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