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Author Topic: Girlfriend Jenny - Welwyn Garden City  (Read 952 times)

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Not sure what I can say that hasn't already been said about Jenny but you're such a touchy lot on here I don't want to be accused of leeching so here goes. I will probably be accused of touting instead as my experience with Jenny was unparalleled by any other. At this stage I will say I'm relatively new to punting but 8 times in and only one other even comes close.

Parking and comms excellent, you do need a punting phone ! 6 texts and a call which could have been awkward so be aware. Jenny isn't the shape I would normally go for, she is 5'1" / 2" and size 12, dumpy is an old fashioned expression but it fits, that said, everything is firm and very grabable  ;) . However, this is irrelevant, (to a degree), when you meet Jenny, she is a delight and as someone else has already said, if she's acting she deserves an oscar. Jenny's profile and blogs are 100% accurate, I could actually stop the review there but I won't.

Nice welcoming kiss, shown to the bedroom where I took my shoes off and put the paperwork on the table, she didn't even look at it and it was never mentioned again. I had a quick shower and back to Jenny, easy conversation, lots of giggles kissing and exploring each others bodies. She does seem to like her nipples kissed and sucked and onto the bed. Really good OWO with nice use of boobs aswell, 3 times I had to stop her and when she went for the 4th time she told me I wouldn't stop her this time and I then had my first CIM, not on her likes list and not in my plan at all. Now my nickname is Onepopwunda for good reason, however, having released the tension 45 mins before our meeting I had already doubled my normal tally. Jenny then rose to the task of raising the dead and we then had sex in every position we could think of until we both came again. We then lay chatting kissing and as she likes to do, hand holding. Jenny made me feel incredibly special and the clock on the wall was clearly completely irrelevant so that when I apologised for overrunning she looked at me as if I was mad and just carried on chatting.

Nothing more to say, all her positive reviews are well earned, this is a very special girl and if this is touting or fluffy I don't really care, it's just my impression of Jenny and how she made me feel, this was a GFE  :yahoo:



Offline Hertsgent

Nice one, and good fluffy review, although Jenny does that to most I think  :wacko:

I must have seen Jenny something like 15 times over the past year and a half (my most visited WG) - each visit being fantastic, and never got remotely bored. To be honest we piss about laughing more than anything, although there is always ample time for physical matters  :D

Offline Massboy

How does she do it! I have seen her too and all your reviews are spot on. I really love her giggles too, conversation as well. Really if that is acting, she deserves an Oscar, an Emmy or whatever other awards exist

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