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Author Topic: xxsophiarosexx - Birmingham hotel incall  (Read 1290 times)

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Offline GolfNut

https://www.adultwork.com/2647871 or https://www.adultwork.com/xxsophiarosexx

So after my epic foursome with Sophia, Hannah and LucieBee, I know these are three of the best girls and wanting to get a 121 with Hannah and Sophia, I decided to take a detour from a return visit and contacted Sophia the day before and was pleased to get her positive response. I booked an hour at her standard rate £120 in a nice central hotel in town.

I was travelling from Surrey on a Friday afternoon and so had to estimate the journey time. I guessed 4 hours would be comfortable and so we agreed 7pm would work. London M25 and Birmingham Friday afternoon/evening traffic had different ideas. Took me over 4 hours and so called Sophia I'd be arriving about 15 minutes late. She was cool with this, so evidence of no back to back bookings.

Got to the room and Sophia emerged from behind the door in the trademark heels, stockings suspender belt and lacey top, but no knickers. That was a beautiful sight indeed. If you've not seen her, she has a lovely face; big eyes and lovely pouting lips; small pert breast with large nipples that beg for attention; Nice legs and pretty feet (I do love a good bit of toe sucking). Her pussy is probably one of her best assets, it's stunning and very very fit for purpose.

I had a shower, teeth cleaned and mouth washed I was ready for action, even though I'd had a tough week and was actually quite tired, I was a little nervous that I might not rise to the occasion.

Sophia is not shy in coming forward and locked in a passionate bout of standing DFK as I fondled her pert arse cheeks, I very quickly forgot the week I'd had and knew it was going to be good. It wasn't it was great! She kisses like she means it and exactly how I like it.

I leant Sophia down on the bed and proceeded to savour her body with my lips, tongue and fingers. Exploring her neck, shoulders, breasts, nipples, stomach and moving down to her very pretty butterfly labia. She really enjoyed the attention and writhed and groaned with pleasure as I delved inside her and around her sensitive clit. Her legs raised to allow maximum access, she certainly does enjoy being pleasured this one. Happy to oblige as always.

I do personally find that girls do seem to respond well if you give them some attention first. Horses for courses obviously and there are occasionally days when I just want a fuck and no more. But in the right company with a girl of Sophia's calibre I could not hold myself back from going down on her and spent quite a while between her legs. Took off her stockings and sucked her lovely toes while gently fingering her very tight pussy.

I was rigid and now wanted some attention, so climbed up her body and sat on her face and stuck my cock in her mouth. She continued to suck my golfnuts and shaft with a lovely technique slow then fast shallow then deep.

Into 69, her on top, then laying on side her leg up in the air. This was a proper good Oral session. Sophia was close to orgasm several times and so introduced her pussy to a buzzy vibrator, which seemed to have the desired effect.

Back to oral on me and then I was ready for some action. I was very impressed with Sophia's cowgirl technique last time I met her, so I was happy for her to climb on and do the business. She started in reverse CG, then into a reverse squat, pounding my cock with her amazing ass in full view. She then turn into forward CG then into more squatting, which she is one of the best I have experienced. Nearly blew a couple of times but managed to hold off.

Into doggie and her pussy felt like it had been clamped to my dick it was that tight. She was bucking and twerking on my cock. I couldn't take much of this and knew I was ready, so turned her over into mish and regained some control until she hoisted her legs way up and I slid my hands under her arse. This gave incredible penetration and allow very deep thrusting as she gently whispered "I'm cumming" in my ear, I told her I was too, and a few more thrusts as we both collapsed in a post orgasmic heap.

Sophia cleaned me up, offered me a drink and lay next to me as I fondled her lovely body. Her skin is so smooth and silky to the touch.

We chatted for a while about stuff and we seemed to be on a very similar wavelength. She's bright as a button and knows exactly what she wants. I got up to start getting dressed and she followed me to the bathroom where my clothes were and continued the conversation we were having. This impressed me no end. Many girls switch off when they've done their bit in the expectation that this encourages us to leave, but Sophia was actively engaging in conversation and threw in some more kisses and cuddles which made it even harder for me to want to leave her. A faultless performance if ever there was one.

So in short gorgeous girl; pretty face nice body, great arse; quite flexible and accommodating positionally; a great kisser; a fantastic fuck and great company to boot.

Such a pity she's not more local I'd be seeing her very frequently if that were the case. But nevertheless this one is at the top of my hotlist and will be getting fairly frequent visits irrespective of the distance.

Highly recommended.  :thumbsup:

Banning reason: Undesirable

24 review(s) found for xxsophiarosexx linked to in above post (23 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline dboy74

Another great review, GN

Fully agree with your comments.

Offline GolfNut

Thanks dboy.  :drinks:

She is a cracker.
Banning reason: Undesirable

Offline Juankerr

Excellent review GN  :hi:

Sounds like a lot of fun  :thumbsup:

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