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Author Topic: A good time - Cov  (Read 871 times)

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So I had a night away from the wife and was in a hotel in Cov for the night. Whats a man to do?

I decided to get a little kinky.

Comms : Good, quick with replies and confirmed the services requested through AW.

Price : £120 - This was £40 less than what I thought it would be by looking at her profile.

Location : Its an estate and her flat. I would suggest you can be seen by at least 10 properties getting out of your car and walking to her flat. If you are awkward by this something to consider - however im not local - felt quite happy. I would suggest though - she cant work from there forever - the neighbors will work it out.

The Venue - It appeared like it was her flat - and a bedroom is used for this purpose. The "living" room door was shut and I got the impression that someone else was there - which didnt bother me but may bother some. 3 toothbrushes in the bathroom........
The room used is very basic, but you dont need much more than a bed, towel etc.

Appearance : I would suggest she is in her mid to late 20s, not 19, however looks good for a slight girl and has a nice easy going and willing to please personality. Photos reflect her body shape.

The service - I had my kink on and went for some services I wouldnt normally do. She did keep asking if she was doing ok - which from my point of view - I was happy that she cared that I was enjoying myself - however I do understand some guys may find that annoying.
Trampling / Massage / CBT / Teasing all from my point of view was great. Good girl.

Would I go back? If I was in the area yes - but I wouldnt drive 2 hours to make the effort.
On my scale an 8 out of 10 experience.

Oh - she also told me I have a big cock, which I really dont, but that made me feel good!
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