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19 review(s) for Bell40 (14 positive, 2 neutral, 3 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

https://www.adultwork.com/2302135 or

What can I say? This was my first time actually on a punt and who better than to have it with Bell.

She has a flat in a quiet cul de sac in Swindon with easy parking and plenty of parking if you wanna park up and walk to her flat. The flat is a little run down but does the job.

Bell opened the door and I was pleasantly surprised. she has a good figure and is not unattractive. Being my first time, she was good with me and guided me to the bedroom. I didn't even need to worry about the paperwork and she got right to it. FK as soon as i was in the door. Bell is a smoker and i could smell a tiny little bit of it but not enough to put me off.

Her English is getting there i suppose and he asked me what I wanted and had no problem with oral both ways, sex in a variety of positions and anal. I elected to have a shower first. Good oral skills including deep throat and lots of sloppyness up and down the shaft and round the balls area. 69 was great with even allowing for me to finger her arse a bit. She is very fresh and extremely responsive Happy to have fingers too and got quite wet. On to sex in various positions – started with cowgirl and then she wanted to put a finger in my arse while stroking my cock and sucking my balls. After a while Bell put a dab of lube on me and said to me about doing it in her arse. I must admit, it was deep anal and well worth it. Didn't take long to fill the bag.

We spoke for a bit about her kids and then she cracked on again and started to do deep oral and gagging. She is very enthusiastic and got me there again. At no point did she clockwatch.

Good: Excellent communication, sexy bum and very enthusiastic.

Neutral: N/A

Negative: Maybe get a better mattress! that's it!

I am definitely going back for more! as she is worth it.

19 review(s) found for Bell40 linked to in above post (14 positive, 2 neutral, 3 negative)

Offline Roth

So a genuine meet then?  :unknown:

Not just a cut and paste job from Lister's review?  :unknown:

Both mention -

quiet cul-de-sac

elected to have a shower first

a dab of lube

filling the bag

Happy to have fingers too and got quiet wet

 :rolleyes: :rolleyes:


Lots of similarities between both reviews.  :dash: Try to be more original if your gonna make it up ghostrider.  :dash: :dash: :bomb:

Oh it was a genuine meet.  :D

It was not a cut and paste, it was a read what Lister said and use some of what he said. Seeing as i was new and didnt wanna mess it up.

 :D  :drinks:
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