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Offline hullad


I had some spare time today and as its difficult these days getting away easily, I managed to arrange a punt with Yenyen as it was on my tick list of " Punts to do" Chinese incall.

I rang earlier in the day and fixed up a half hour 15:00 meet up in her place for £60 in a street close to the town centre. Its not to nice around there at night but during the day its safe enough, would not risk parking an armoured vehicle there let alone a car but as I stated town centre is only five minutes walk away. All went well with my day managed to slip away with ease and proceeded to town. Arrived at the address and phoned from outside as arranged just prior to 15:00 and she said "I was on time for my hour appointment", "no I booked half hour" I stated. Her attitude changed in a flash, "you will have to wait the guy here as just extended to an hour you can come back at 15:40 but it has to be for an hour"

No way luv, I was polite and refused her kind offer and walked away, I do not let myself be pushed around by some one clearly trying to up the cash takings. I am left with a full ball bags and £60 better off in my wallet and she will never see me I will go to Leeds and have a takeway instead in a few weeks.

I agree with her majesty, bloody Chinese ............

Offline stevedave

Sounds like a scammer, just trying it on. Good on you for having the bottle to walk!

Frigging stupid argument from her...Ahhh, you're on time for an hour, come in! Oh, you want half an hour? In that case you'll have to wait as I'm doing someone else. Faultless logic, love  :dash:

I would of said yeah to the 1 hour request til I was up the stairs then slip her £60 for half hour and use the language barrier as an excuse to see what she says.

If foreign girls can pretend they don't understand English we can pretend we don't understand them too  :unknown:

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