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Author Topic: Daniela Fuckslut  (Read 1392 times)


No solid intel forthcoming so when she popped up in my area I'd thought I'd make contact.

Called a few times no reply then get a text giving location and saying call me when I arrive.
Alarm bells ring as I have not spoken to a female yet and we haven't discussed when and what I might be requesting.

I decided to call again and a female answers,we have a brief discussion, mainly me asking her if is here tomorrow as I can't do today. She says no so end of that really.

Still unsure,location has been used by previous wgs and at least I spoke to a girl...but lack of UKP feedback makes me nervous ....as I've said before might try another time with a plan b in place.

Offline Fact

sounds like a similiar experience to a few ive had with brazillian/portuguese girls in Maidenhead/Bracknell.
One girl I saw said some guy did her profile and got feedbacks for her - she had about 12 FBs on AW.
Cant trust AW even when the WGs have 12+ FB's.

Would be prepared to walk if girl doesnt confirm what was agreed on phone before you had any ££s

Offline aj12345

OP, just wondering if you have managed to see her yet?

OP, just wondering if you have managed to see her yet?

No she hasn't been in my area for a couple of weeks,still watching out though.
Some girls seem to constantly rotate their location,not sure what I read in to that :unknown:

Offline aj12345

She hasn't been near my area either otherwise I may have been tempted to try

I was tempted, so I tried to text her a few days ago to ask about services, so I asked about anal and CIM. My response was she doesn't do anal and CIM was £10 extra so I didn't try.

It was just a text, so I don't know how solid that is as feedback, perhaps a different day will be a different answer (maybe she got a hard anal banging and needed to lay off for a few days) who knows.

Offline aj12345

Not a good sign at all really is it?

As her profile says she does anal with no mention of any extra charges

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