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Author Topic: Anybody seen Clara92blonde?  (Read 422 times)

Have the opportunity today to meet Clara but there's no reviews on here or her profile but she does seem legit.

Wonder if anybody has any info on her?


Thanks :rolleyes:
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Offline overdone

I like the looks & send her a message but no reply

Offline mrfishyfoo

Profile has the look and feel of some of the EE/Romanian ones I have seen. Whoever wrote it is either illiterate or English isn't their first language as it keeps flipping from 1st to 3rd person. I would not be at all surprised if its a bait and switch job. Have you spoken to her and heard a voice ??

Lets put it another way if it were me I would be booking 1/2 an hour and if she's OK extend it further. If she's not the girl in the pictures walking would be a reasonable thing to do. Saying all that if she is legitimate OMFG she does look fit.

Online Ali Katt

This girl was previously known as English Jessy in Bristol and Cardiff, no image matches of other girls or celebrities. Mentioned here:

Thanks for the info guys. I received a message from her saying she was free this afternoon..sorry yesterday afternoon but my mind got the better of me and stayed away. Maybe next time I'll take the plunge and come back with what I was faced with.

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