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Author Topic: Poll: Pubic Hair  (Read 1091 times)

Offline softlad

I like a nice neat Brazilian, though don't mind completely smooth.

Offline Jacob

I'm with you 'softlad' though my choice is somewhat a rarity as most seem to be 'smooth' in my preferred age group.


Not too fussed, but I prefer some level of hair.

Offline distressed

A neat landing strip is my personal favourite,though smooth is also good for me.The younger wg's  I see do tend to be completely shaven.

Offline Lurtz

I like it as smooth as a baby's bottom. [Hmm, perhaps that's not the best choice of similie for a punting forum]

Offline Linc09

I like all types, but probably clean shaven

Don't see many full bushes these days

Offline Lurtz

I bet Chaka Khan has a knicker full of curlies. :(

Offline Linc09

Completely smooth or a trimmed to a nice shape at a soft downy length for me.  Either way, access to the pussy lips for RO without getting hair in my mouth is what I'm looking for.

Stubble is a turn off!

I think i'm voting for brazilian...


Poll closed before i could vote , full natural bush all the way for me

Don't see many full bushes these days

surely that depends where you are looking  ;)

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