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Author Topic: Fishnet - Novel by Kirstin Innes  (Read 554 times)

Offline endomorph

She is obviously a follower of ukpunting. Any views on the book?
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Offline rathbone

Looks interesting - just bought a copy from Amazon.  Will post what I think once it arrives…

Its not the worst or the best written book that I've ever read. I've been reading it half concentrating and it jumps about a bit so I have to keep re-reading.

She did a heap of research (a lot on UKP) on the Scottish hooring scene which comes across in the book.

Offline rathbone

Just finished reading it: it's quite enjoyable, thought provoking and has an open ending rather than a "happily ever after".  Quite briskly written, as you would expect from a journalist, the plot's well structured although the how and why someone might go on the game is a bit predictable.  To be fair, the book is as much about the main character searching for an escape from the demands of her conventional life, as about her sister's time as an escort.  The blurb describes the book as sensual but the sex parts are quite perfunctory … which is probably deliberate, the author trying to make the point that the sex is brusque and mechanical …

Laura Lee gets a namecheck in the acknowledgements, along with a couple of escorts who shall remain nameless, M and N.

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