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1 hour

There have been some posts elsewhere about how much effort girls put in to make you feel at ease and take care of you in more ways than just the “meeting” – so that you feel you’ve had good customer services and want to return. Maya is definitely one of those girls.

Comms were all good even though my phone was not able to send a text to hers but I called and she was helpful with the information about where she was and said she was looking forward to seeing me! And yes – I’m sure she says it to everyone but it was nice to hear.

Arrived at her apartment block which is not far from the Novotel in Wolverhampton. You can park in any of the spaces outside the building so that’s good too.

Called and was given the apartment number on the 2nd floor of the building.

On arrival may was dressed in nice pink underwear and a loose netted top. Maya is about 5ft 5ins, nice body pretty face and a lovely smile. She is around 25 and just has a lovely look about her.

I asked her if she wanted me to have a shower but she said I melt nice and didn’t need to. She then moved to me and we stood and had some very pleasurable French kissing – tongues and serious snogging. Then she eased back and undid my shirt, kissing down my chest as we did – which was very nice. Pulled her top off and then I unclipped her bra and some more bare chested snogging took place. Then she knelt down – undid my trousers and eased my pants over my cock and sucked it into her mouth. She stood for more kissing and pulled her panties down so I could finger her and she played with my cock and balls.

Moved to the bed for more kissing and fondling and then she drifted south with plenty of kisses and positioned herself between my legs. I love having my balls and under ball area kissed and sucked and she was straight on it without me asking – I love mind readers! Then she alternated between doing this and giving me a nice deep horny blowjob – she’s very good at this.

Then it was her turn. She’s slightly “ticklish” when you go down on her. However once you get started then it’s a joy and if you have nice clean and short nails she will let you finger her and with tongue and fingers she is soon writing and enjoying herself.

Then she insists I lie down and then some more wonderful oral before she gets up and slides a condom over my cock before the sliding her pussy over it.  It feels great and then she rides me slowly in cowgirl sitting and leaning down with more kissing until eventually I shoot inside her but as she hasn’t quite got there she continues to grind against me – I like that.

So – that was all very enjoyable and because I’m a once cum guy I thought maybe now she would get a drink and we could have some kissing and cuddling but immediately she asks if I want a massage – and boy is it a good one. Just how I like it.

When that’s done I ask for a shower as she used oil and she runs it for me and makes sure the temperature is right. And then when I come back to the room there’s a chilled bottle of water for me.

I get dressed and have a long lingering kiss goodbye.

Will I return? Absolutely!! As well as the sex and the fun being fabulous Maya does everything she can to make you feel welcome, special and to enjoy the meeting
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19 review(s) found for  Sexy Maya 25 linked to in above post (15 positive, 3 neutral, 1 negative)

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