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Author Topic: Vicky of IK Services Leeds  (Read 979 times)

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Offline mrfishyfoo


First I am going to describe her

I think I am about to get a bit fluffy. Vicky is so much better in the flesh than what she is in any of the photos I have seen of her. She stands at just about 5’2” and has a lithe size 8 body with all the right curves. Her breasts are natural and I would say they are 34C’s as claimed on her IK profile. Facially she is IMHO stunning with nicely defined high cheek bones and piercing come fuck me puppy dog blue eyes. Her shoulder length mousey brown/blonde hair has lighter brown/blonde tints running through it. She has one of the best sets of legs I have seen on a woman in quite some time. If you saw her dancing in a club I would bet good money you would find yourself staring at her like an idiot until one of your mates started laughing at you because your tongue had hit the floor. I would say that her stated age of 29 is about right.

In a word…… gorgeous.

She does have a couple of small and very discreet tattoos.

The booking process

This booking was arranged for 2 hours via text a week in advance of when I wanted to see her. Well that could not have been any easier. I was asked me to confirm before 0830am on the day and then it was time to wait.

The day before our meeting I sent my dress request to IK and this was confirmed as being ok.

The meeting

So cometh the day cumeth the man. I gets to the usual multi story at La Dock and round the corner I went to the block nearest to Tesco. Buzz buzz on the intercom and up the lift went. A quick little knock knock on the door and then that lovely noise as click click went those heels. The door opened and of course there was nobody there. From behind the door emerged Vicky dressed exactly as asked and fuck me she looked fantastic. When I saw her she was wearing a red negligee, a pair of killer 5” red heels, long stockings with a red top band, a red bra and a red thong you could floss your teeth with.

Get the gist ??  I wanted a woman in red and OMFG did I get one.

Vicky kind of timidly said hello and invited me to join her in the living room. She offered me a drink, which I declined, as she got herself a glass of water. The magic words now left my mouth being “Fuck me !! For me ??” as I indicated for her to spin around in front of me. Vicky now moved closer and finally our lips met. This was not a full on facial assault this was something totally different, tentative, caressing, sensual and downright erotic as we teased each other with our tongues and finally after about a minute our faces locked and the DFK commenced. Even the DFK had a sensual and erotic edge to it.
Vicky now sat on the couch and the usual getting to know you chat commenced. Well actually the words were “What’s not on the menu” response “anal and pain” followed by “you seen these before ??” as I handed her the box of Sagami 002 condoms I had with me. Last but not least “Best get the shower running”. That’s my sort of getting to know you chat.

Vicky set the shower going and I was in and out like a flash. Not a lot to say there, nice flat nice shower, end of.

Round 1

I found Vicky lying on the bed as I stood at the side of it, towel wrapped around my waist, and beckoned to her to stand up infront of me. Our faces again locked and the most sensual and erotic of DFK and mutual rubbing and caressing commenced. I took my opportunity as I uttered the words “we won’t need these any more” as I started to undress her and removed her negligee and bra. Fucking hell was all my dick could say to me, instant hard-on time, as her lovely curves were properly revealed. I now suggested to Vicky that she lay on the bed as I was now intent on sampling the goods. I told her I was going to lick her from end to end and she just squealed in delight. So that’s what I did as I worked my way from top to bottom and then it was time for the thong to go. Lovely jubbly is all I can say for what I found. Vicky is hairy but in a very nicely done manner, she has a very well defined landing strip that runs up about 2”, the rest of her was completely smooth with no sign of any further hairs whatsoever. Her lovely clean pussy now got a licking as I slipped my index finger in all the way and played hunt the g-spot. Vicky is tight and my finger got well and truly clamped as I applied pressure to her g-spot whilst alternating between fucking her love hole with my tongue and finger as I licked her clit. Now it wasn’t long before Vicky was moaning, groaning and plain writhing around as I fetched her off twice in quick succession. Oh my did she seem to enjoy that. My face was now soaking with her lady juices so I asked for a wipe to clean myself up. Well the naughty minx didn’t give me a wipe instead she used her tongue and licked me clean whilst telling me “umm you appear to taste of me” which we both seemed to find hilarious as we burst out laughing.
Your turn now Vicky tells me as we both lay on the bed. She proceeded to lick me as she made her way down to my now flaccid cock. Well I had spent a while munching her out !! In no time whatsoever she had me hard and then it was time for what I can best describe as a sublime dose of OWO on the top half of my shaft whilst she used her hand on the bottom. Whilst doing this Vicky said to me “Hows about I move here so that you can get a better view”. There’s a big mirror on the wall at the base of the bed. So she moved from between my legs to my side and wiggled her ass at me allowing me to finger her and play with her clit whilst we both watched the show as she continued to suck my cock.  I must say that her technique of “corkscrewing” with both her hand and mouth is IMHO very skilful as in no time whatsoever she had me on the edge and I told her so.

Now this is where it needs to be noted that as a rule even in a 2 hour punt I am at best a 2 shot bloke with the expectation that 1 shot at the end is the more likely outcome.

Vicky now says to me “reckon we best give one of your condoms a go then” as she handed me a 002 which I applied. Whilst I was doing this she says to me “I’ll have this seat here” and then slowly lowered herself onto me in cowgirl. There was no need for any lube with this girl as she was horny as and absolutely soaking. What followed was slow and steady as Vicky rode me whilst she also ground down on me as she leaned forwards to kiss me and tease my tongue with her tongue. I have to say that this heightened what was already a most agreeable experience to bordering on downright wonderful as again she brought me to the edge. Vicky then sat up and raised herself up so that she was squatting on me, again it was done slowly and if squatting can ever be sensual then it was pretty close. Now for a bit of contortionism as she span round 180 degrees from cowgirl to reverse cowgirl whilst keeping ¾ of my cock inside her. IMHO there is no finer sight than a girl bouncing on my cock in reverse (except of course DOGGIE !!!!). I now suggested to her that she put her legs under mine which she did without dismounting. Her squeals of pleasure as she told me “oh wow that gets it in so much deeper” just made me smile. I asked her to hold her hands behind her which I now held and we started some proper full on bouncing. Fuck me is all I can say for that as we found the rhythm immediately. It was almost like we were old lovers who had done this many times before. The sight of her lithe slim size 8 body bouncing on me as her arsehole pointed at me was just divine. Tell you what if she did anal I would have been up there like a shot. I reckon she came again whilst doing this as she was by now getting very vocal. By now we had been at it for about 40 minutes and we were both sweating buckets but there was to be no let-up in the action. I suggested that it was time for doggie and Vicky assumed the position whilst facing the mirror so that we could again both watch the show. Now the finest sight of all was infront of my eyes as IMHO there is nothing better than seeing my cock been driven into a girl as I bounced off her arse in doggie. I pounded away at her, nothing sensual or erotic about that, as she ground herself back into me and no surprises here as bang on the hour I filled the condom.

Wow what a round 1.

We now collapsed on the bed and indulged in a lovely 10 minutes or so of post coital kissing and cuddling as we again got back to the sensual and erotic. Vicky again offered me a drink which this time I accepted.

Round 2

We were now about an hour and a quarter into the session and without prompting Vicky kissed her way back down to my cock which this time got swallowed. In no time whatsoever she had me hard and for the next 15 minutes or so she slowly sucked and wanked me whilst I fingered her pussy and played with her clit. This came as a real surprise to me as I have quite a long refractory period. The eye contact whilst she was doing this was absolutely spot-on. Remarkably, at least for me, within what seemed like no time whatsoever she got me right back on the edge.  I was really close to blowing my second load into her mouth. I told her and Vicky slowed it back down again whilst suggesting it was condom time, which I applied, and she then again lowered herself onto me again in cowgirl. Vicky was still really wet and really horny so again there was no lube used here. Vicky now slowly fucked me as she leaned in and kissed me. My head though was sort of conscious that we were getting to the end so I suggested that we again go to doggie and see if I could actually cum a second time. Off with the condom for a quick sucking to get me really close to the edge and then time for another condom and for the rest of the session I pounded her, I reckon she came again, as she ground back against me but alas there was no final unloading for me. So just about bang on 2 hours I raised the white flag as I was absolutely knackered and could go no more.

I was now offered a second shower which I accepted. I then got dressed and sorted the business out. After another long and lingering kiss I left a full 15 minutes over so no clock watching there.

The end

Well what can I say ?? A full on session which was surprisingly erotic and highly sensual with a stunning looking lass who was well up for it. Oh and she was also an absolute pleasure to be with. If I did not know any better I reckon she liked me and had as good a time as I did.

With hindsight maybe I should have shot my second load into her mouth BUT if I had done that then I would have been finished with 20 minutes still to go.

Was it worth the £270 it cost me for 2 hours of Vicky’s time ?? Well that’s subjective isn’t it !! I certainly think it was and I most definitely will be going back for another dose of that.

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