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Author Topic: Anyone seen Jawdroppingjordan or miss toni  (Read 513 times)

bit of a lurker and just returning to the hobby after a very long break.
Looking for my first punt for years and hoping for a good experience.

At the moment miss mitzi looks favorite. But was wondering if anyone has seen jaw droppingjordan or Miss Toni as both look fairly new?

Sorry I can't add links.


Hi Simon, it'd be good to add links to the respective profiles of the ladies you're enquiring about :) Sometimes, WGs take down their old profiles to set up new ones with the same pictures, only to get rid of the negative feedback, and if one of the members here recognise any of the pictures from their older encounters, it only helps everyone.

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1 review(s) found for Miss Toni linked to in above post (0 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

If you scroll down a little, you should see this:

Use this to copy and paste the links of each profile you want to share or post about here.

Offline kaj314

Not seen either, but tell you what...def hot listing Jordan...

Offline Strikar

Jordan's one hour list includes anal depending on size at the top then states it's £30 extra at the end  :unknown:

Offline Strikar

No ratings on AW, no review on here so it's a TOFTT for somebody but the profile error would put me off

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