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Author Topic: South West / Newquay TeenCumDropper  (Read 1176 times)

4 review(s) for NinaL (3 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Admin]


review by Aramis is spot on

various other profile names elsewhere on this site

Text/call 8pm, booked for 45mins; not busy

WG sharing Headland Rd flat with https://www.adultwork.com/ViewProfile.asp?UserID=2976146

good likeness to AW photos; profile contracted out; poor English can hardly communicate wishlist but WG keen to accept action :-)
not beautiful but 20's 6/10
legs need more shape (body generally needs workout; she is surviving now because she's young)
boobs 9/10
service 8/10 for DT
clean; sweet smelling; [teeth] braces
she remembered me but I had previously only seen her flat share not her though she thought I'd come to see her again & she was excited about this so perhaps was more keen than normal

I tried but No FK accepted
kissing everywhere else including rim was accepted enthusiastically
offered massage; I declined
sexy dry hump; soft young 20's skin; shaved all over; natural tan; great tits: very round full firm responsive
happy to do tit wank with/without lube
good fake noises
this WG very keen to use strap on me and keener to do prostrate (surprise/not requested) so I gave it a try; her prostrate technique applauded on AW but was average to poor
can play with her whole body (no wiping between body parts)
can penetrate most everywhere do anything but finger in her bum refused (likely extra cost); very receptive/keen
not terribly sexy; good body but bum tiny bit too large though very round soft and accepted light/medium spanking; heavy groping
throughout the session she kept grabbing my cock & squeezing & tugging hard & swearing with a "I want it" look on her face; definite BDSM tendencies here

skilled/put condom on with mouth no hands then it got exciting..
good cowgirl; rough; keen dirty grinding; Portuguese chat sounded well dirty; no problem swapping cock between mouth/pussy/tits
excels at DT; takes it hard rough fast; very deep; very little gagging; let me hold her head firmly and face fuck hard; very enjoyable
I usually hang on for a good 20 mins at the pumps (only booking 30 mins now as I don't much like to hang around to avoid boredom) so enjoyable that I wanted to immediately come but also try out another hole first.
pussy very tight (didn't try ass but expect extra cost for tightness not required; not sexy enough for anal for me) and she's keen thrusting hard against me; laughing enjoying herself [or her fee- who cares] etc.
I came very hard due to tightness & DT memory and her above average enthusiasm so left a little early before she piped up again in Portuguese; only one sided English conversation here

NEGS: not intimate (as per another review); no FK; boring lingerie (ditto her flat mate); not sexy
POS: DT, keen (definitely enjoys her money) options for strap on BDSM prostrate; 20's

Would I return: possibly for DT but plenty of choice in Newquay; I've found better now
VFM: yes, excellent DT experience (not the best but 'good' I find rare); definitely better than average performance but if you want super looks then maybe not

4 review(s) found for NinaL linked to in above post (3 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline Uoti2

Good, factually detailed review. I notice your previous reviews haven't been universally well-received on UKP, but I for one enjoyed reading this. Thanks for posting!

Three questions:
1) The link to the WG's profile doesn't work for me. Has she gone, or switched to another profile?
2) How much did you pay and for how long?
3) Was there anywhere to park?

Good review, you say plenty of choice in Newquay and you've found better now. Care to share? Would be good to find a good local girl, I can never be arsed to travel all the way to Plymouth for a punt.

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