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Author Topic: Bonnie Scotland Edinburgh  (Read 902 times)

17 review(s) for Bonnie Scotland xx (17 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline Dukey

Not really much I can add to what has already been said about her.
Great flat, great location
Lovely looking girl. Sexy as fuck.
Cracking body. Clean and well groomed.
Tits a nice handful but maybe a wee bit saggy but by no way off putting
Fantastic arse and pussy
Very friendly and chatty.
Makes you feel at ease.
Everything on her profile is available and served up with enthusiasm.
She really seems to really love what she does.
Probably the best OWO I've had in Edinburgh.
She rides you as if she wants you both to be satisfied.
A really genuine girl and great value for money.
I see she's only doing outcalls at the moment bu hopefully not for too long.
Seen her a couple of times and would definitely go back

17 review(s) found for Bonnie Scotland xx linked to in above post (17 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline Courtney

There can be no doubt for anyone who has met her, she is a very very attractive girl.

How is she facially? Would you say she was as attractive as Sophia-B?

Offline Santiago

seen both girls a few times, and had actually tried getting them together for a threesome, but schedules just never clicked into place.
both great but offer different types of experience, sophia tries to give a quite sophisticated service. Bonnie is fun, chaty and a sluty in a nice way experience.
both very attractive blondes, neither supermodel, sophia is more made-up.
bonnie more natural.

Offline Llama32

Sounds like once incalls are back up for her, a trip to the Burgh is in order.

I thoroughly enjoyed my own time with Sophia, so I'm really curious to how Bonnie stacks up.

Offline Dukey

Both are totally different and Santiago has probably hit the nail on the head.
You would take Sophia to a cocktail party whereas you could take Bonnie down the pub with the boys. You would have a good time with Sophia but you would have an absolute hoot with Bonnie.
Both are very good in my opinion but if I was to choose it would be Bonnie every single day of the week.

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