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Author Topic: Leicester 96 Cyprus Road Warning  (Read 2152 times)

Hi I know this is my first post but came across this lady by the name Yasmine who's operating an absolute scam here. They are based in Leicester, 96 Cyprus road.

Initially agreed for £40 for 30 minutes of massage and she kept asking if I want HE which I declined but 15 minutes in she said done. When I said it's only been 15 minutes, she acted dumb and said no understand. Showed her the clock and again said no understand. She said pay more for another 30 minutes which I refused and left. Shocking

Offline CoolTiger

Sorry to hear of your experience.

Does Yasmine have an AW profile, or did you spot their advert somewhere?

Found it on Gumtree. Link attached:


It's not oriental, she's not Spanish as claimed. I think she's Romanian. Anyone who's tried could share their experience here.

Offline CoolTiger

I have posted the contact number dispalyed in the ad, in case a search is made using this:

07404 736439
0740 473 6439

Offline s6ooby

This ad looks very similar and map shows Cyprus Road.


Just what i've found, I've not visited to confirm. Guessing different girl in same location.

Wouldn't surprise me with them having multiple profiles as it probably cost peanuts to post on gumtree. When I went there, there was another woman smoking in another room, with a man in the same room I believe is the pimp, there to protect them I supposed. That should have rang an alarm bell, but then again, my own fault for not walking out when I saw those other in the house.  it does make sense to me after that them ladies are so daring and tries every trick up their sleeves to con punters, as you either pay up or get beat up.

Offline bungry

They have multiple profiles on gumtree and different phone numbers.....all point to this address.

I booked recently one evening.....£40 for 30 mins b2b.  When I got there and knocked on the door I looked up and there is a video camera pointing right down at you.  She opened the door and she looked romanian, not great body or face so decided to walk...tbh the camera put me off before she even opened the door.

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