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Author Topic: TS Belle - Glasgow  (Read 1344 times)

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Price: £150
Duration: 1 hour

Seeing as it's a TS review I won't go into as much detail as I normally do. But as I said in my last TS review, if you have no interest in this type of thing, do yourself a favour and don't read on...

Belle was the first TS I ever saw and ever since then I had always wanted to make a return visit, mostly for nostalgia purposes but also because Belle is quite a hot TS (not the hottest but still pretty hot). I had been texting Belle back and forth and planned on making a booking but she then told me that booking's could only be made for after 4pm, this didn't really suit me at first but after shifting a few things around I was able to book Belle for an hour at 4:30pm on Saturday afternoon. She was staying in a flat on Ingram Street, quite easy to find and about a 15 min walk from Central Station. Got the details of the flat number etc all via text. Walked up the stairs to the first floor and couldn't find room 15 that Belle said she was staying in, eventually I noticed one of the flat doors had the number 1/5 on it, just as I was about to walk forward to go and chap the door, it quickly opened, 'Ahh, this must be the place', to quote the Talking Heads song. Belle was behind the door but once I got in I got a good look at her, she was dressed in what I had asked, stockings, suspenders and heels, hair and make up were both immaculate. Belle is feminine but you can tell she's a TS but she is still pretty convincing and hot like a said before, nice tits (scarring was quite visible though), nice feminine arse, slim, toned body and an average sized surprise as well, oh and her legs looked great in her lined stockings. The flat was very nice and modern, Belle brought me into the bedroom, offering me a drink of water (got handed a bottle of Evian which a was able to take away with me at the end of the punt). Belle's grasp of the English language is okay, I found that I often had to repeat myself two or three times before she understood what I was saying, although that could just be the Scottish accent more than anything. Got money out of the way, was offered a shower which I accepted and when I came back Belle asked what I liked to do. This is a question many TS's will often ask, essentially they want to know if you like performing OWO and do you like getting fucked, well I personally enjoy both (apologies if that disgusts you but this is a TS review, you should know by now what to expect) and made sure that Belle knew this, I had also asked her to have a few toys near at hand, just in case I felt like experimenting.

Got things under way with some DFK, very passionate, lots of rubbing and caressing, very sexy. Belle then performed some quality OWO on me, lots of attention to the head and shaft, eventually I returned the favour which she seemed to love. Belle looked great lying on the bed with those gorgeous lined stockings and sexy high heels (those expensive looking ones with the red soles). After a while she wanted me to fuck her, now, anal sex can be a tricky thing, if a girl isn't up for it then you are pretty much fucked cause it's gonna be painful for her otherwise, at first Belle was okay, I fucked her slowly in doggy, but after around ten minutes she couldn't handle it and I had to pull out, Belle apologised several times because obviously it's one of the main services in a punt, however I get that it can be very painful and although I am not one to brag, my dick is quite thick. Belle fucked me for a short while and we did make use of some of her toys, she then wanked me to the finish line. We chatted for about five minutes and then I went for a shower and was on my merry way. All in all a good punt, I probably won't see Belle again unless really desperate, I feel that now I have seen her for a second time I have satisfied my thirst for punting nostalgia. Belle is a sexy TS but I don't think she enjoys being fucked, despite the fact that she offers the service and for me it's a must in any punt, TS or real life, born and raised female.

Belle would be excellent for any TS first timers as she was very good at putting me at ease way back when I saw her for the first time several years ago, she's sexy, quite passionate, looks great in lingerie and although she doesn't appear to enjoy getting a cock in her arse, she does everything else really well and offers a variety of services, including; GFE, BDSM and Massage.

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