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Author Topic: Mature Posh Totty  (Read 2098 times)

8 review(s) for Mature Posh Totty (7 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline Mendra

Mature posh Totty
https://www.adultwork.com/1023653 or https://www.adultwork.com/Mature+Posh+Totty

All previous reviews are accurate.

Arranged for 30 mins £70. OWO £10 extra. GVFM.

I had her on my HL years ago but never got the chance to follow up until

She must be in her late 30's or early 40's but looks very good for her age. Slim not skinny prettier without her glasses on.

Oh yes she definitely passes as posh with the accent and decorum. Very polite lady.

I called a week before and she said she wasn't working til the next day. Comms was great. I decided to see her on recommendation from Winston_2055   - thanks guys for a good recommendation. Besides I had read some good reviews about and knew she fits my bill.

I arrived on time despite getting stuck in the city traffic. Hotel chain close to Euston. Easy entrance lifts on the left and lucky it was already on the ground floor.

She opened the door, said our hellos and paperwork. Started with DFK for about 5mins... She had a very lace type of lingerie on. Pulled her pants apart and fed on her pussy. She returned the favour (at the cost of £10) very slow and sensual. She took it DT like a pro. Perfect GFE lots of moaning and purring too. DFK at all intervals. Just how we like it. Fucked in various positions with her knickers on (pulled aside) there was a lot of anal play. When she got on top she was like a rodeo jockey took every mile and every inch. Award winning performance.  I asked if I could - she gave me that look so I wasn't sure she want me to park my Bentley up her arse. A lot of face fucking too which was generous of her. While almost popping she quickly reminded me there was a cost to CIF But I declined and glazed her tits.

She surely ranks at the top of my list and may climb higher if I see her for more than 30mins. She was quite outspoken while being fucked. Fake tits but not s turn off adequate for her age and body proportion. She must be 5'7 or 8' with long dark her. Peachy and grabbable button.

Small chat afterwards implied she was exposed and enjoys doing what she does as long as it was not off limits. She said she won't be as regular as she used to be. So one need to check her profile regularly.

Would see her again - without a shadow of doubt!

Would recommend. Yes if you like the  uber mature slender lady who can accommodate steak above average.

Positives: all the above.

Neutral. Welcoming me in was a bit cold. But I think the will get better over time. Seems she has had some regulars for years - I am joining the club pronto

Negatives : none.

Special thanks to my fellow punter  Winston_2055 for giving me this one on a silver platter. I owe you one.

8 review(s) found for Mature Posh Totty linked to in above post (7 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline mrhappypants

Mandra,  thanks for the review.  She has been on my hotlist for a long time but (i) the fact that the original recommendation came from password / panel and too many of his were over the hill and over priced (ii) comments about reliability - swooping at bookings if she got longer ones and (iii) the relatively high hourly rate for age looks and services have kept her off the top. 

Views welcome


Saw her a couple of years ago. Service is good. Very hot for her age and if you've got the milf itch she'll definitely scratch it. Dirty middle aged woman who's kept herself in great nick. The extra tenner for owo and other extras pushed her just beyond vfm for me. Especially since she is (if I recall correctly) in the same building as house of divine where you have a plethora of young and older girls working for £70/half hour. Worth hitting it once I'd say. Don't know about being a regular.

Numerical URL https://www.adultwork.com/1023653? will bring up link to other reviews, for easy reference.

8 review(s) found for Mature Posh Totty linked to in above post (7 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Welcome Mendra, glad you had a good time.

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