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Author Topic: YOUNG_SARA19 - Liverpool Street - TOFTT  (Read 1911 times)

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Offline paul_b_1977


Saw Sara a while back and she looks exactly like her photos bar a little extra weight on the tummy.

While she's a pretty Brazilian girl, her grasp of English is non-existent. Note, it's not poor like my experience with most Romanian girls - it is non-existent.

That meant that the half hour (£60) involved a lot of gesturing, which was obviously unclear for her so there was a lot of confusion about what was wanted.

In terms of services, it was very mechanical and it was on with the condom for a covered BJ before we got to business. Because of the lack of communication skills, I didn't try anything other than OW, mish, doggy and prone. Really uncertain if anything else more fanciful was on the cards.

The worst thing to top it off was the fact that two of her WG friends (one of which I noticed as https://www.adultwork.com/ViewProfile.asp?UserID=3447519) were at home and were moving in and out of the room while I was there! I'm glad I wasn't bothered at the time but it's not something I've ever experienced before.

There were actually two beds in the same room which makes me wonder if you could end up with a situation where you're bumping into another punter because there is no physical partition between the two beds where the girls do their work.

All in all, if you're keen on Sara's looks, go for it, but if all the other obvious warning signs are important to you, I'd suggest avoiding!

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It is certainly an interesting set up in that flat.

I too walked through the 'living room' area and had the same thought as you. There are just 2 beds there with no partition haha.

It was a bit crazy in there, they were all shouting and laughing down the hall at each other. I certainly reckon they are up for partying based on my short interaction with them.

How long ago did you see her? She's only been registered a few days!

I tried to see her tonight and had to give up after finding her phone turned off and then over an hour later getting a text from her. The following phone calls were so disastrous I gave up. As you say absolutely zero english language ability

Both those AW profiles are word for word the same, just substituting the name of the girl and the prices. :unknown:

 I'm confused why they are even in London. They obviously can't afford to live there, hence the cramped apartment, and they don't study here, and they are not making that much money either.

Her verification photo leads to her Facebook profile, and she seems a very normal person.

I am not sure why she is in the business. Is she being coerced ?

Offline punther

She is facially very attractive

Whats her ass like - size? and shape?

Offline paul_b_1977

Thick and probably what comes to mind when thinking about a Latin ass. If I had to give it dimensions it was probably a 38 or more, and nicely shaped and firm.

Offline punther

Thick and probably what comes to mind when thinking about a Latin ass. If I had to give it dimensions it was probably a 38 or more, and nicely shaped and firm.

sounds like a PAWG to me - into the list she goes!

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