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Author Topic: some help with a role play please  (Read 1798 times)

Offline Huawei

potential employer interview means you can enquire about her oral skills  :hi:

Employer/employee scenarios provide quite a bit of scope - I did an interview/follow up one where I asked for certificates for her qualifications, or an oral test as an alternative  :cool:

A few years ago, I wasn't at all keen on the idea of role play, but now I'm getting into it, just for the occasional variety. You do need a WG that is good too.

I've also done one, loosely based on a porn clip that I watched (one-handed  :wackogirl:), where I was a clothes store manager - the girl had been caught stealing by trying to wear the clothes and walk out. Of course I had to remove the company property from her :yahoo:. Then I started to abuse my position - each time she complained, I offered her the alternative of calling the police  :hi:

Offline Marmalade

It generally requires a small modicum of intelligence, which rules out most prossies whose pimp puts it on their likes lists.

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