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Author Topic: Oriental Massage Swiss Cottage / Finchley Road  (Read 2573 times)

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*sigh* Rather than stick to my usual massage/extras venues, I decided to go for a vivastreet punt today in the pouring rain. I guess my taste for variety has stabbed me in the wallet this time. I should've known better than to trust this site. My own fault. I know not ALL escorts/WGs who use this advertising site are bogus, but this one I saw today definitely was a bait n switch, even those her pics are 'V' verified *yeah right* and whilst not terrible in person, she wasn't amongst the best choices I've made.

LINK: http://adult.vivastreet.co.uk/escort+swiss-cottage/top-oriental-japanese-escorts-massage-in-north-west-london-/109750051

Mobile: 07419938663

Location: Got me playing wild goose chase with her address. Receptionist (who spoke good English) told me 317 Finchley Road. Check on Google maps, it's a defunct pub right next door to a Thai massage place (which i should've gone to instead!) and Secrets Lap dancing club on the main A41 stretch along Swiss Cottage into central London. I assumed, the flat was nearby and not 317 - so rang her and got answer phone.  :thumbsdown: My gut was telling me to go, but my  :diablo: hung on my shoulder, wanting me to wait for a reply wanting the punt. "Cross the Road" the next text said....Umm, ok.  :angelgirl: voice *Go, Leave!*.... :diablo:*Nooo, lets see this through!*   :unknown:

Eventually got the actual address, after a lil' to-ing and fro-ing - they must've been crow's nesting me out (me hearties!) - it was a reasonably modern block of flats pretty much opposite 317, so thought as I usually do. FUCK IT....

Most definitely not the hot YOUNG oriental chick (attached a photo) as advertised as 23. She had a similar build but definitely 10+ years older - i'd say mid 30s. She had slim body, smaller tits than the photo girl, but overall looked passable in a smart mini dress. She had her hair tied up in a bun (Japanese style) which I liked, so I stayed. She was from Hong Kong apparently, but to me, did look more Japanese or mixed. She was fairly attractive facially (according to diablo)....Hook line and sinker. Damn you, self.

Service: I asked for a 30 min 'full service' which is standard, covered BJ and sex - NO massage offered. I asked via text if she did OWO; £10 extra. Once in the room it was suddenly £20. WTF? I haggled and got her down to £10. £60 + £10 for owo. £70 total.

Paid up, I got undressed, onto the bed. She slide out of her dress and I noticed, whilst slim, she was a little loose skinned, definitely late 30s at this stage, possibly even 40s, eek - hard to tell when dressed up. She continued to wear her underwear, which she refused to lose, until a bit later and only then removed her panties for sex.

Even though i'd had a shower not an hour before,  squeaky clean and smelling nice, she chose to bed bathe my cock with multiple wet-wipes and put some tissue paper next to her. Oh here we go, the reluctant owo'er who likes to spit my pre-cum into a tissue every minute. FML. Her BJ was lack lustre, toothy. Told her to stop via mime acting 'teeth nashing' and shaking my head lol. Had to laugh.  :bomb:

Got fed up, of her shit BJ - I got up and she thought i was leaving - but instead I told her to get on all fours...again by miming with hip thrusts (tiring lol..zzz).

This was the best bit of the session but it took me a good 20+ odd minutes to cum. cBy this stage, even though i managed to maintain some sort of erection through my despondency, I was reluctant to waste £70 on this one and wanted to at least pop. So, I took my sweet ass time, trying to build up a good head of steam. I fucked her in doggy, then got into missionary for the final furlong. I worked up a sweat.

She was pretty much a lifeless fuck sack, laying there, I'd past caring - she did let me carry on and pound her and only once did she try to turn me on by saying in broken English 'fuck me'. Eventually, I boiled over, popped in the bag and was so happy to have it over with. Decent work out, but underneath I was seething.

She seemed warmer after the event, of course she was, I hear you cry! *moan*

Anyway, stay away from this one lads, unless you're a glutton for punishment like me  :diablo: wins again. woo!

Offline djf

Weird. I experienced the same as you (re confusing directions), and decided to bail at the last minute, after there was a group of people hanging outside the entrance to the building. Thanks for the review.

Weird. I experienced the same as you (re confusing directions), and decided to bail at the last minute, after there was a group of people hanging outside the entrance to the building. Thanks for the review.

No probs, yeah you dodged the bullet on that one.  :hi:

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