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Author Topic: Ryna Belle Colchester  (Read 1346 times)

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Offline Neal69

Well Thanks to the reviews on here from Golden Leaf and other comments from others who have visited I decided to give this hot rom a go.

 https://www.adultwork.com/3149131 or https://www.adultwork.com/Ryna%5Fbelle ; ( sorry there seems to be something wrong with the link)

I will keep it short as there is not much more to add.

Comms straight forward phoned up and got the time I requested and was sent the postcode.

I am under the impression that she shares with Anya and the new Izza so as I saw the old Issa once in this location I was fairly sure where I was going. To avoid the rip off car parks I parked little distance away and walked to the postcode. Phoned when near time and was asked to wait a few minutes outside a car park entrance which was in the vicinity. Less than 10 minutes past the time I got a text with the actual address which was different to where I had seen Issa before.

Code entry then the magical door opened by itself.

Yes Ryna is the girl in the pics and as GL has said her AW pics are photoshopped. Having said that she is pretty good looking and had a nice fit body on her which was only hidden by some skimpy top and small knickers. Was greeted with a pretty passionate kiss which was nice.

Functional comfortable room ( apart from the heater being off the wall  JOKE !!!).

I was given a drink and we sorted the paperwork out , straight forward £50 for 30 mins no extras paid for or provided.

Ryna is quite funny and her English is good. She does not mess around and we were straight into the action with full on DFK ( are you still watching RRR? )  Very slim figure with enhanced tits that were just about right for a girl of her frame. No problems with me touching or sucking on them. She stripped me and was wanking my cock like mad as I was getting off what little she had on, all while keeping up the DFK. Was a little rough with my balls but was good after I told her to be a little more gentle. Broke off the DFK for some covered Oral and then jumped on my dick and rode me cowgirl quite vigorously. Turned her over and did her doggy until I blew.

No rush to get me out of there as I asked her to check the time and she said 10 minutes yet. Chatted played with her body while she told me about her boob job. I expect she would be up for a second round if I could only manage it in 30 mins but no chance of that. Thought about putting the electric heater back in the wall as the screws looked new and GL is hopeless a DIY   :cool: :lol: :cool:

Nice passionate kiss on the way out.

Certainly good VFM and provides the type of service that Issa provided when she was here. Not as good looking as Issa but then is anyone.

A definite positive as a good looking girl who gives a good service. Bit of a laugh as well when shushing me because of her neighbours.


Hell Yes.

God to know there is a reliable good service Romanian in our area now Issa has gone.

Thanks to GL and the others for reviewing. (And of course GL for taking a ribbing about the heater. Bet I have got the wrong girl anyway  :lol: )


12 review(s) found for Ryna_belle linked to in above post (11 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Cheers Mr N for the review. Out of my patch but would be worth a punt even with £20 extra for OWO.

Only just seen this ya cheeky fekker.  :lol: wrong girl unfortunately but I may give her a call and see if she needs that mending!!

Offline Neal69

Been for a return match with Ryna :yahoo:
Nothing more to add.

Top quality punt.  :yahoo:


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