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Author Topic: Ranelagh Rd Flats Ipswich Parking  (Read 451 times)

Offline Neal69

I thought I would start a new topic on this.

It seems that there are a few WG's popping up in the Newish Flats off Ranelagh Rd in Ipswich.

Now I have punted a few times with a WG down there and she told me that they are very hot on parking enforcement in that area and It would not surprise me considering its close proximity to the station. Now although there is visitors parking available you have to input your reg number which would not bother me as long as I did not get a ticket.

The WG I have seen has always given me a parking pass to display during my punts which is very professional of her I have always thought. This may bother some as she could possibly clock your car and number. This may be too much for some who take their personal security seriously.

Now my question is.

Do you use the visitors spaces or are there any other alternatives around there?

I don't want to put up any specific street names but I am talking about the Flats near the Penta Hotel.




The only other option is to park at DW fitness / Orwell motor cycle which are next door but think there is a time limit but don't know what that is.

Offline jeremiah

ive never really had any trouble parking outside the shops where 15 min free is allowed. I have always run over time

I've alway park on the 'Pay and Display' Car Park on West End Road then walked from there. For the area you want you can just across the the 'Sir Bobby Robson' Foot Bridge.

But that may be to far / to many pedestrians if you need to be very discreet!

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