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Author Topic: Sarah- Petite Angel- Harrow  (Read 2117 times)

17 review(s) for SWEET_PETITE SARAH (13 positive, 2 neutral, 2 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline crazykkk

https://www.adultwork.com/1974272 or https://www.adultwork.com/PETITE%5FANGEL+XX

"Sarah- Petite Angel - Harrow"

Short version: Enthusiastic BJ and took a good doggystyle pounding. No anal or gagging here.

Hand job

(No Rimming you) (No Anal- i'm too big?)

Price: £100

Comm's: Phone/SMS

Location: Flat in harrow. Very clean and tidy. Tidy bathroom.

Would I visit again: No

The girl: Mid to long blond hair, size 4, 5.0, age early to mid 20's, nice shape ass.

The meet happened on time as planned. She is polite and friendly. An awkward moment at the beginning where she undressed showing me her sunburnt arm and said "be careful with me please" lol. Got her head straight down below. I asked her for deepthroat and she said she doesn't do this but to be fair she was pretty much taking my whole pole inside her mouth. Good enthusiasm when sucking and willing to suck in different positions. I asked for a face fuck with head hanging of bed. She obliged but I went too deep and she got a little annoyed which is fair enough. Onto a good pounding in doggy, missionary and cowgirl. She showed enthusiasm, moaned and looked like she was enjoying herself. Likes to talk dirty and tell you how big your cock is which is a turn on. I pounded her in doggy on the floor and told her I wanted her to take the load in her mouth. She turned around quickly and took the load well. She left for the bathroom. We talked for a short while and was happy to continue sucking my cock in round 2. No clockwatching. I left happy, despite having not been able to face fuck/ anal / which I think is reasonable.

Personally I would recommend her for most punters but I anyone looking for an explicit gagging deepthroating sloppy anal slut will be disappointed!

Crazy K.

17 review(s) found for SWEET_PETITE SARAH linked to in above post (13 positive, 2 neutral, 2 negative)

Offline punther

What does her face look like?

Please be honest

Offline Expl1cit

What does her face look like?

Please be honest

Having seen her (and I think reviewed her on UKP) I would say her face is like a football, round, podgy and not in the least bit attractive which is very disappointing because her body and enthusiam is right up there.  I wanted to get out of there as quickly as possible and I did so well before the end of my time.  I wouldn't say she is ugly, just definetely not what I was expecting or rate beyond a 2.
Banning reason: White-knight

Offline pumps

What does her face look like?

Please be honest

Picasso painting imo.

Without being too cruel, its not that bad! Agreed you do sort have a bit of a "umm, not sure about this" moment but was soon forgotten on several occasions as she just goes for a very energetic fuck.. To be honest, without my glasses she was a blur close-up which is the way I like them!

What does her face look like?

Please be honest

I think someone mentioned “chipmunk” previously.

Offline Tonyleung

As always it just depends on taste. I have seen her when she first started and I was new to this.
In regards to her face shes not hideous, I found her v.cute overall package. Her face isnt her best feature but cute blonde petite, game (up for it)  nice bum and decent BJ.
Ive not returned due to her working hours.

Offline mrhappypants

Useful review and discussion - thanks all.


Offline punther

For visual representation which public figure could you liken her to?

Does she have a tight pussy?

I know she is a size 4 but I had a similar sized WG and I barely touched the sides, and I am not exactly under endowed.

Felicity Kendal ? tight pussy=reasonable yes.

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