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Author Topic: Is Edinburgh the new Fife?  (Read 1073 times)

It used to be that there were at least 5 or 6 good looking lassies in Edinburgh with decent bodies.

No, if you exclude the Romanistanis, there are only 85 that do incall, half of which are older than my granny or bigger than a whale. There are a couple of rough old bangers like Devon and the groover from Vancouver but otherwise it's just the Colombian and Brazilian B&S mafia.

The Weegies seem to have a thriving group of British superstars while Edinburgh has faded away to nothing.

Have the saunas killed off the British indies in the capital?

Offline auldie63

C'mon DD the big G is pretty shite at the moment too.

Offline Matrix

It is rather quiet at the moment. The sad thing is Edinburgh's still the best place in the country for punting, by some way.

 I don't do saunas, so, yeah, I agree that the choice of good indies has dwindled. The rest seem to be old or fat or old and fat. Or Roma.
Glasgow looks a better bet. It's the worst I've known Auld Reekie in five years.
Some newbies in Fife, but I can't get enthused enough to try, going on past experience. Landed lucky with a Brazilian and an Argentinian last month, but they are gone from Edinburgh.
Woe is me....

Offline Burgh

I was feeling that for last week but thought it was only me..
Anyone good in the options available now. Trying for ScottishBarbie... Anyone better than her?

Offline bigmike32

Scottishxbarbie is great her and devon are the best wgs i have seen in edunburgh.

Offline james50

Yes, agree. AW choice is the worst I can recall.

Offline bigmike32

Come to fife next time you will be a superstar and there is zero competition.

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