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The embarrassing comments coming from people are making me laugh. I'm not being bullied by a group of older men I'm 20 years old and keep myself to myself but always manage to get dragged in to BS. I'll have you know Aswell the police are keeping an eye on uke because of the pathetic comments made by my 29 year old ABUSIVE ex boyfriend. As for the whole blabbering on talking about me being pregnant and my personal life that is NONE of your concern but they're just rumours. I'm not sitting back watching a bunch of people have ridiculous opinions on me when they don't even know me. But hey ho if you're 'put off' it's no skin off my nose I have a good clientele through my Twitter and agency any how. I've kept my calm far to long for people to keep going on and on about me. Please get on with your own lives.

What does UKE mean? UKE is short for www.UKEscorting.com

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If you've got such great clients why do you feel the need to post on a punters website?
You haven't denied you threatened another working girl with violence? You haven't denied you threatened to out another working girl?(which in my opinion is the lowest thing a wg can do) & you haven't denied your pregnant?
I wonder why your getting offended by the criticism?

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