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Author Topic: North East - Kiaragirl of Adultwork  (Read 603 times)

40 review(s) for Kiaragirl (39 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

I had been thinking of revisiting some of my ‘Super Six’ ladies (all over 35 year old and top North East Escorts) after a recent enjoyable excursion into the younger market available to us guys, but just hadn’t got started when the alarm bells started ringing as I read that Kiara had posted on UKE that she was thinking of retiring!! No we couldn’t possibly be losing one of our top ladies in the North East could we?

So a quick message to her, and a short while later I was heading north towards Gateshead, a late, late night meeting in prospect made even later when the A1 was closed, but Kiara to the rescue guiding me through Team Valley. (If she does ever stop escorting then a career as a tour guide beckons). Obviously not the first time that we had met and I did post a much more detailed and graphic review at the beginning of the year on one of our previous meetings but this lady is exceptional and top draw for anyone preferring the more mature lady. Kiara doesn’t try and hide her age and openly tells you how old she is, although she does look younger. So her attributes, that haven’t changed are:

Personality: Extremely friendly & pleasant, Confident, Adventurous, fun and very naughty  in the bedroom.

Appearance: Attractive, Dark Haired, Hazel coloured eyes, Dress size 10, Breast size about 36, Height 5ft 9"

Services: DFK, Oral (owo) & Reverse, Sex (protected), Massage & Hand Relief



Not many welcomes like this, but the front door was opened with Kiara hidden behind it, so in I stepped, door shut and a lovely warm passionate kiss to welcome me. Bodies moved together as the kiss became prolonged and a little caressing gave way to Kiara exclaiming that a certain part of my anatomy was already getting a bit active. Next thing I know she had disappeared from view but I knew exactly where she was as my erection was being gently massaged before I had my first session of oral for the night. I was still no more than three foot in the house and here I was remembering why this lady had left such a lasting impression on me.
The invite to go upstairs needed no thought and she wiggled that behind of her’s at me as she climbed each step. Once in the bedroom Kiara seemed very keen in getting me on the bed but only after a little foreplay and a bit more oral. She disappeared on a couple of occasions again, the first as she had done downstairs I felt the benefit of the second occasion though was when the killer heels came off and she was no longer a 6 foot brunette. Off came the clothes and on the bed the oral both ways was appreciated by both recipients one getting very stiff, the other very wet, there was no 69, just each of us taking it in turn to satisfy the other. Hands, tongues, lips bringing both of us toward a climax with lots and lots of eye contact, Kiara really does like seeing the expression of happiness on the gents face or as she brings him close to climax and her eyes have that very naughty glint about them as she knows exactly what she is doing. At one stage she had me so aroused I really didn’t think I was in control of myself, a long time since I had felt so aroused so we now had to switch to the sex. With me standing at the side of the bed she manoeuvred herself to the edge and I was able to stare down at her as I entered her. The eye contact with Kiara is excellent throughout, no matter what you do and the sex is no different, her eyes do the talking for her. Off with the rubber, more oral, not sure if anyone is counting but that was more oral, think you can safely say that we both like this aspect of our meet. Then an offer of where would I like to come, with Kiara assisting in the process until the climax is achieved.

Definitely not a clock watcher, yes I know my meet was late at night and I was certainly the last appointment of the day but even though we managed to overrun there was no haste to get me out the door. We have met before so we do know something about each other, so an invite to stay and have a cup of tea was readily accepted which just shows how friendly this lady is. Kiara is also an intelligent lady who would be and is able to mix in a variety of circles and different circumstances.

But I’m pleased to say that she isn’t going to retire (well not just yet), she had just had a horrendous day, and a further mishap that night – No that wasn’t seeing me – So I’m happy to report that Kiara is still providing a top draw service and remains a lovely friendly lady too and has certainly cemented her place in my Super Six for a good while longer. If you haven’t seen her guys and like a mature lady then you really can’t go wrong with Kiara, don’t think I’ve read a bad word about her.

40 review(s) found for Kiaragirl linked to in above post (39 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

What does UKE mean? UKE is short for www.UKEscorting.com

Online jarrovian

Great review of a great girl. Now, who are the other 5?

Offline Rod trotter

She sounds like a top girl.

And a cup of tea, how nice.

Thanks for the review, sexy but not fluffy  :hi:
Banning reason: Pathetic little shit threatening Admin that he would get himself banned unless his account is deleted

Great review IM. I have raved about Kiara a number of times before on here. So just would like to add that her communications and responses to messages on other forums are second to none. Really gives her service a personal touch. Very professional as well as giving a fantastic, enthusastic experience every time.

Offline Houdini

Nice review of one of the North Easts top ladies. Been wanting to see her again for ages but haven't managed it yet. Hope she doesn't retire anytime soon!
I think at least 3 of your remaining top 5 are amongst my favourites too.

Totally agree. Very skilled lady. 100% reliable with excellent comms. I've seen Kiara a fair bit lately and every meeting as great as the first. Her oral skills are exceptional.

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