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Author Topic: Lisa, 70a Berwick St.walk up (Soho)  (Read 2764 times)

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Offline Fat Boy


Fat boy here! First time poster and first time visitor to a Soho walk up, but long time punter and lurker on UKP.
Lucy in the lower flat of 70a Berwick St was my Plan A, after reading the punting wiki, but she was busy. Her maid suggested I try the girl upstairs, who she said was very nice. I'd been followed into the walk up by a Brazilian  punter. He was told the same thing by the maid, but by that time I'd had a head start. I was already halfway up the next flight of stairs. Lisa's maid sat me down in a curtained off area, while she finished her meeting with a previous punter.


Czech. She speaks English very well.
6'1" or 6'2" in 6" porny heels.
She has a slim figure generally but with a nice shapely bum and pert natural tits.
She's very pretty (I think she looks like Daryl Hannah in her early career.)

Services received

There's a menu of services on the wall with times and prices.
Before I arrived I was planning on 20 minutes.
But then I saw "dreamtime" advertised on the wall. This is 20 minutes with normally seperate extras included.
Whoever thought this up must be a marketing genius! It's like instead of having a standard meal you're a gourmand.
So that's what I had, 55 quid and I got
Her fully stripped!
Then dressed up in thigh length PVC boots with aforementioned 6" heels.
with off-menu choking and strangling (her doing that to me)
Taboo sex talk
Nice chat and hugs.

 I think I'm a little besotted already, so it's probably wise for me to go on a generalised brothel creep around the other Soho walk ups before returning.  I did ask Lisa when she'd be working. She said Sundays,  Mondays,  and sometimes covering Saturdays.

1st impession of Soho walk ups

Getting spotted going in or out of one might be a concern for some punters. 70a Berwick St is in the middle of a narrowish street with fast foot traffic though.  So you can just quickly duck in or out of the doorway. 
The decor of the walk up was great. It looks like a proper brothel,  lots of pinks and hearts and fetishistic accoutriments.
The only real negative is I don't think kissing is available in the walk ups. (I didn't ask for it as it wasn't on the wall menu. There was a notice saying that there was no French kissing. No mention of light kissing. But hug's were as good as a light kisses!)

Offline GreyDave

 :hi: Creeping around Soho looking for poss shags is better than wasting cash on a Premier League ticket :D :D :D I mean by the time you have gone there had a pint and a pie its over 120 quid for that you can vist 5 yes five 20 quid a go girls and still have change for a pint... You will have to use an Oyster Card though cause Cab`s are expensive :cool: :cool:

Soho is great but I feel its on its last legs now as so many of the old flats are being turned in to Yuppie lofts once its gone that will be it for walk ups I reckon its only another 5 years as the leases on the buildings are coming to an end... Lucy is a mega titter who shags well you should go and do her I often wait and chat to the maids then when they know you they give you the heads up ...or slam the door  :D :D :D

Offline Pizzahut

Great review! I've only ever been to 52 Greek. Very easy to get in especially for nervous punters since it's also an entrance to a clothes shop.
What kind of taboo sex talk did she do for you? I'd really like that

Offline Fat Boy

Thanks gents!  I'm glad you liked my review.
@GreyDave I think I might have seen Lucy through the door when I was talking to the downstairs maid. If she a bit shorter and curvier than Lisa, with dark hair, it might have been her. 
Yes it's a shame what's happening to Soho. There was a good article about it in VICE magazine a while ago,
If the cops don't get you,  the yuppies will!
@Pizzahut,  I'm afraid I can't tell you that! It would spoil the mystery.
 Though it was even better for her doing it spontaneously without being asked.  I think she guessed from me wanted her hands squeezing my neck I'd probably enjoy some suitable talk to go along with it!

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