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Author Topic: Little Miss Orla / Bristol / Awesome  (Read 1819 times)

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https://www.ukescorting.com/members/littlemissorla.436/  or https://www.adultwork.com/ViewProfile.asp?UserID=3139758

2 hours at her advertised rate.

I met her in Dec 15 when she came to Bristol for a mini tour. Hence this review is in SW region.  (I’m just catching up with some reviews from the recent past)

The Booking
I saw her on UKE soon after it started and she came across really well on there on a multitude of threads.  She seemed intelligent and very naughty. I think she is a top 10 poster now. 

I started a PM with her and in a polite opening message I told her I was interested in meeting her and could I ask her a few questions.  She replied yes, so I did and my 5th question was:-
“5. Am I guessing right in thinking you can be a right dirty little slut?”
She replied “5. Damn right!”  And she was!

We met at a Bristol hotel near Temple Meads where she stayed for a few nights.  On the day we met she had no one booked beforehand so I picked her up in my car and took her for a tour of Bristol.  It included a visit to Ann Summers where she invested in a schoolgirl outfit, and a crop, and some nipple clamps that had batteries inside and vibrate.

The Girl
She is truly a size 6 figure.  Many say they are but few truly are.  I know from the outfit she bought!  Her bum cheeks are so small I could fit them one in each hand.  She laughed about how guys often say they are worried they might break her, but no one ever has.  I tried and failed.

She’s a northern lass with a mild accent. Smoker.

She shows her face on her AW profile so you can make your mind up what you think.  Her tits on there look big but it’s an illusion as they against the backdrop of a tiny body.

The Meet
She wore the skoolie outfit. I sat her on a chair and brushed her hair blindfolded for a few mins so I could get a good look at her and build the excitement.

We applied the collar from her mini-BDSM kit that includes butt plugs and a hog tie. I also applied the nipple clamps and inserted a butt plug.

I then gave a good hand spanking over my knee, then got her to bend over the bed and applied the crop for a while.

She did OWO then rimmed me.  I returned the compliment.  We had protected sex in various positions and I fucked her very hard, she came.

I got her in doggy and entered her bum.  Incredibly tight and quite an amazing experience to fuck an arse that is that small.  No bum cheeks so was able to get in full length and she can take it hard.  We tried some other positions for anal and she was great in them all.  I felt my orgasm rising so withdrew and came in her mouth, she swallowed.

For my recovery period we headed off to shower and she took watersports on her face and in her mouth.  She said she doesn’t swallow but she choked at one point and swallowed a little by mistake. We showered and then dried eachother then headed back to the bed.

I had agreed beforehand to fuck her face until she puked.  This would be the first time I’d done this.  Apologies if it’s not your cup of tea, and it wasn’t mine until I joined UKP about a year ago and I got corrupted. :lol:

She had agreed not to eat for 6 hrs before so her stomach would be empty.  I had a weird idea to make her drink milk just before as I liked the idea of white liquid not clear coming back up.  I got her to hang her head over the side of the bed and inserted my cock into her mouth then down her throat.  I started to fuck her slowly and watched the bulge in her throat as I went in and out.  She gagged a few times and her makeup and drool went down her face into her eyes and hair.  After a while I went full in, held it there then withdrew quickly, she puked.  I wiped her a little with a towel then we repeated a few more time.  She thought the milk might curdle and she was right – curds and whey – but very hot.  I came in her throat and she swallowed again.

We went back and showered together again and I washed her hair.

All the above with amazing, willing, submissive attitude, easy chat and laughs throughout.  She loved it all and so did I. 

What a girl!

Cheers!  :drinks:

9 review(s) found for LittleMissOrla linked to in above post (8 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

What does UKE mean? UKE is short for www.UKEscorting.com

Offline mnbvcxz

Sounds intresting, shame she is not about any more ,at least on AW

9 review(s) found for ~LittleMissOrla~ linked to in above post (5 positive, 1 neutral, 3 negative)

Offline JV547845

Wow, you both made milk curdle!  Impressive.  Glad you had a good time, sounds like it was well worth the effort.

Offline dubs

Sounds delightful  :vomit:

Yeah I've always said there's nothing sexier or more erotic than curdled milk vomit.  :vomit:

Sounds delightful  :vomit:

Sounds nasty, but if rotten half digested milk is your thing it must have been a big turn on.

They do say goats will eat anything wonder if he lapped up the puke after !
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What does UKE mean? UKE is short for www.UKEscorting.com

Sounds nasty, but if rotten half digested milk is your thing it must have been a big turn on.

They do say goats will eat anything wonder if he lapped up the puke after !
:sarcastic: :sarcastic: :sarcastic: :vomit:

What does UKE mean? UKE is short for www.UKEscorting.com


I dont really recommend using milk.  Seemed like a good idea at the time. The one other girl I've done this with we used Prosecco and it was much better.

Cheers!  :drinks:

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