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Author Topic: Glasgow Airport Whore Convention  (Read 1148 times)

Offline auldie63

I don't usually bother with the Renfrewshire page on AW as Paisley is usually shit apart from 1 lassie some of you on here seem to like, but looked on today and there are 10 Romanians listed as Glasgow Airport. FFS they must have booked about half a floor in the hotel as they surely can't all be working from the same room.

Offline sharklaser


see what you mean haha, I remember seeing similar to this outside the apartments on Bath street, was about 6 of them sitting on the street in pyjamas smoking before heading back upstairs, all of them overweight and ugly as fuck. ever since I vowed to never have a punt with any of them, unless reviewed and verified on here and AW!

Only reason I knew it was them was because I was on my way to a punt, and I had text one of them that night and they had listed that block as the address. none of the certainly never looked like the profile pic.

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