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Author Topic: Monica Minetti - London  (Read 537 times)

Offline Ludwig


I'd appreciate the sharing of any thoughts / experience with this one please gents...

The feedback is a little inconclusive - the one punter to have left FB only has FB himself from two other Hungarian girls who are both part of the same circle operating in the Wimbledon /Southfields area (but to be fair, I've always had good punts with those girls anyway)..

I still haven't mastered tineye yet...she's is very cute, so I'm hoping for a thumbs up (always assuming she comes back to UK)...

Offline Bratpack

Her profile says she is away. Maybe she's in Belgium which is where Google has the same pic (albeit lower resolution) and a number of equally unnaturally photoshopped pics of the same lady. As for George White's feedback, he appears to have only reviewed Hungarian ladies (who in turn have reviewed him) and two of them in the space of twenty minutes. Sorry to disappoint you, but I'm afraid I would have to give the profile five fakes out of five.

Offline Ludwig


Yeah I suspect you're probably right...looked a little too good to be true...shame...

Offline WOP

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