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Author Topic: Saraa_LOVE Kingston  (Read 1425 times)

2 review(s) for Saraa_LOVE (2 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline stonebow1

https://www.adultwork.com/3511541 or https://www.adultwork.com/Saraa%5FLOVE

Location: A very nice shared home just 10 minutes walk from the main town centre. I could hear voices coming from elsewhere (a few other girls work there part of the "KT3" group) but nothing off-putting, it just made it feel like i was entering a normal house. Meter parking before 5pm so bring change.

Price: £90 (£70+£20 for OWO) for half an hour.

Girl: Slim, green eyed brunette in her early twenties and imo she is an absolute stunner! The sort of girl who could walk into most rooms and be the hottest one in there. Polish women man!! She has a nice body, shaven mound and cute B cup boobs. Ass is nice and squeezable. 9/10 at least.

Orginally wanted to see Kaate_KT3 again but was told she wasn't working today. Ended up seeing Sara instead.

As i said above, i was truly blown away when she opened the door. Her AW photos are ambiguous so this was one hell of a nice surprise! Followed her up the stairs and she was wearing leggings like i requested, looking absolutely amazing in them.

No small talk took place. We got to the room and I gave her what i thought was £70 for half an hour. She went out for a bit and came back 2 minutes later holding a note in her hand saying i'd given her £20 too much. I really appreciated the honesty because i had no idea! Asked her what she charged for OWO which turned out to £20 more so i let her keep it. 

Started off with OWO which was decent, not particularly deep but she kept a nice amount of suction on my cock while i felt up her gorgeous body. Lasted for about 5 minutes then she asked me if i was "ready". I was so she stripped off and asked me what position i wanted. Doggy was incredible and the sight of a firm, gorgeous woman bent over waiting to take your cock is a sight i will never get bored of. Appreciative little moans came out while i started off slow but eventually started pounding her tight pussy.

Moved to her on top while she rode me and i played with her body. She has two lovely little handfuls and button nipples. This lasted a while and was great til she eventually jumped off on her own accord saying that she had gotten tired. Fair enough i thought, she was doing all the work at that point and it's a hot day today.

I decided to whip off the condom and got her to toss me off. I really couldn't get enough of her body and groped her all over while she wanked me. She kept a nice tight grip and led to a nice explosion after a week of not cumming. Definitely made a decent mess!

Got dressed without saying a word, checked i had my things, then she walked me out. Peck on the cheek and a goodbye and that was that, i left with empty balls courtesy of a gorgeous woman who i could never, ever, ever pull in real life.

If you're after a GFE, or some sort of connection within your punt, Sara and i daresay all the KT3 girls (i havent tried them all) are not for you. They have the typical EE cold personalities, presumably bad English and don't pretend to be overly interested in you. However i kinda like that. What you will get are very beautiful women, who as long as you show respect and don't try to push their boundaries, will allow you to use their gorgeous firm bodies til you reach a climax. For that reason i will continue to see the girls in this group and give my review a positive. 

2 review(s) found for Saraa_LOVE linked to in above post (2 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Cheers for balancing the good with the negative/neutrals.

Basically, a pump and dump with a good looking gal for £70 + extras for 30m.

Offline jamal2k94

She used to work for http://www.wonderlandescorts.co.uk/ although did not have a profile on there and I had an outcall from her just after Christmas taking a gamble on the receptionist's description and a general lack of available girls. She's a bit of an odd one to say the least, we confirmed on the phone after having spoken with the agency that she had no problem with seeing black men, she arrived at mine, opened door, no hello, "you are black", me: "yes, I did mention on the phone", "it is no problem, I did not know you were talking about you."  :unknown:  Anyway she then gave what I can only describe as a lecture for, and this is no exaggeration, about 5 straight minutes on how she was not a racist, had had black boyfriends in London and preferred black men. I have to say I didn't really care, but she seemed intent on doing her bit for race relations. She also gave a long and frankly very dull explanation of her living arrangements and where the bathroom was in relation to her bedroom, why this was an issue, and all sorts of inane detail.

She has an incredibly dry sense of humour and a bit of a shaky grasp of English at times which doesn't help if you want to talk to her, but after a while we got to FK which I was very impressed with and some good OWO, which weren't extras at the time. She seemed to enjoy this and instigated round 2 without prompting, but once the condom went on I was less impressed and she treated changing positions like I'd asked her to perform some incredibly difficult task. She has a very nice arse, a good body and I think is very attractive, but her personality is a little bit of an acquired taste. We seemed to get on and I potentially can believe she genuinely has a bit of a thing for black men, but I'm not sure I'd see her again as the sex was not great and I can imagine if she's not in the mood she could be a right pain to interact with although I guess her current set up probably suits her better.

There are more photos of her here http://www.maxmodels.pl/modelka-anulka56.html

Apologies for being a long time lurker and non-poster, will rectify that, appreciate all the reviews on here and time you guys put into them.

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