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Author Topic: Sexy Cleo xxx in Kings Lynn - Anyone had the pleasure -or not as the case may be  (Read 987 times)

Offline JR

I tend to avoid asking these type of questions but has anyone seen this girl?

https://www.adultwork.com/3001195 or https://www.adultwork.com/Sexy+Cleo+xxx

Can't decide from the profile whether to even bother making contact (but I am risk averse) - looks like she could be mucky

Quite a distinctive gun tat on her thigh


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my first post!
Don't bother, save your money. I went to see her on Saturday. I phoned to see if she was free which she was , asked about anal she said yes , so i drove an hour to get there . Got to her place and she asked me what i wanted. I said an hour booking with anal as previously mentioned on the phone and she replied she doesn't normally do anal. asked me how big i was and said on this occasion she would make an exception and do it. I told her to forget it and that she had waisted my time and why had she not said so on the phone. I walked. Completely waisted my time and no plan b.
She is also not english as stated on her profile yet sounded english on the phone so that with not knowing what i wanted made me think i hadn't spoken to her at all.
To be honest her body looked a lot less inviting in the flesh than her pics.
She even had the cheek to ask me not to raise my voice when i told her how she had waisted my time so as not to alert the neighbours.

I’ve seen her a few times over the last year. My first visit was a spur of the moment thing. I was working in Kings Lynn and I’d finished earlier than expected so I  had a quick check to see who was available close by. Although she doesn’t match with many of my usual preferences, I decided to give her a try and booked an hour at £120 with her straightaway as she said that anal was on the cards.
Her place was simple to find and I got the same “don’t make too much noise here” as grinandbearit did when the door opened. Once inside and led into the bedroom, that restriction was lifted and I got the paperwork sorted.

I will instantly walk away from any punt if it’s not the girl I am expecting, the place or the girl seems dirty or the AW profile is way out. She has a slight and hard to place accent so I asked about her origins, and although not actually British as she says on her profile, her English is very good.  Anyway, my walk-away alarm had calmed down as her explanation was ok.

She is curvier that the girls I usually go for and very good looking, but that’s my opinion. The place itself was spotless and tidy to an OCD degree.

She provided me with everything that we had agreed beforehand including some very good oral to start, then mish, cowgirl, doggy, anal and finishing with a CIM and swallow.

I was happy with the whole experience and have seen her several times since, when work and time have allowed.

When I have time, I’ll do a full review.

Offline socks

When I have time, I’ll do a full review.
Mate, by lots of our standards, certainly mine, that is a full review! Mind you if you've got time for in depth quality and analysis like your xxmissblondie90xx one, then fair point and worth the wait :drinks:

Offline big-paul-86

i met her once, friendly and polite, if i remember right she said she was half sicilian half welch but her english is really good,

Thanks socks!

I thought I was being brief and to the point, but I'll do a full and in depth review of my last time with her which was a couple of weeks ago and post it soon.

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