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Author Topic: NicoleDuPapillon - Milton Keynes  (Read 1346 times)

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Offline wasox

https://www.adultwork.com/331614 or https://www.adultwork.com/NicoleDuPapillon

NB: This is not so much a standalone review as a summary of a number of visits to this lady over the past couple of years.

Clean, well-appointed and discrete apartment outside the centre of Milton Keynes. 

Pictures are an accurate reflection.  Pretty face, large enhanced breasts, toned body, curvy arse and of course her famous labia.  Invariably greets me wearing an impossibly tight-fitting dress.

For me, this is where Nicole stands apart from many other WGs I've seen.  Friendly, open-minded, easy-going, but with an incredibly naughty and wanton side.  Gives the impression that she really enjoys what she does and really wants to make sure you get the most out of your meetings.

Anything and everything on her profile is fair game.  Each of my visits has been for one of her 3-for-2 offers (£300 for 3 hours), allowing plenty of time for whatever you can think of.  With me, a typical encounter is as follows:

We begin in the living room with plenty of DFK and roaming hands, before swiftly moving on to OWO and RO.  Straddling and grinding will often follow.  On one occasion she actually wrapped her pussy lips around my cock and proceeded to wank me off with them.  A new one for me but worth experiencing.  Migrating to the bedroom the OWO and RO continues, normally with a good amount of rimming (on her) thrown in as well.  Nicole can - and will - go down on you for ages, with plenty of eye contact and a smug grin on her face throughout.  Eventually, I feel the need to move on and cover up for wild, energetic sex.  Any position you fancy, all over her flat.  I particularly enjoy pinning her legs back in mish and watching her tits bounce with each thrust, and also bending her over to pound in doggy.  The latter is also good if you fancy cracking out the lube and sliding into her willing, tight arse.

I'm not superhuman though, so by this stage I will typically have cum a couple of times.  Nicole is never satisfied until I am completely drained (to the point where we have overrun more than once), whether it's filling the bag as I fuck her arse, fucking her tits and then shooting in her mouth (I can't explain it well, but the pressure she applied with her lips and tongue as I blasted away left me nearly catatonic) or - my personal favourite with Nicole - simply covering her huge breasts. 

This is just a brief description, as I doubt anyone reading this will want me to work through two years worth of punts.  Safe to say, her likes list is entirely accurate.

What started off as curiosity with me wanting to experience someone with huge labia, has now become something semi-regular as I see her every few months.  Nicole always seems to bring her A-game, and her enthusiasm for each meet hasn't dropped at all since our very first session.  I always leave drained and with a massive smile on my face.  Highly recommended.

4 review(s) found for NicoleDuPapillon linked to in above post (4 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Thanks for the review, dude. :hi:

Just one minor question: Why, after numerous visits, over a couple of years, have you decided to review Nicole now? Is business slow in MK? 

Offline wasox

Thanks for the review, dude. :hi:

Just one minor question: Why, after numerous visits, over a couple of years, have you decided to review Nicole now? Is business slow in MK?

My business is doing fine thanks.  No sinister reason for the timing of the review, just kept seeing posts across UKP asking people to submit reviews, so thought I'd contribute.  I don't have a huge amount of free time to dash home and write a lengthy post after each punt

Well..... that didn't go down too well, did it.  :rolleyes:

Offline wasox

No offence taken, I just answered the question.

Offline Rozenko

Interesting. I've viewed her profile a few times with intrigue, the meat wouldn't normally be my thing, but she is hot, may give her a go next time I'm in the area. Cheers

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