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Author Topic: A funny thing happened yesterday  (Read 617 times)

Offline Steve2

I did a couple of parties yesterday in a quite large hotel with several seminars/conferences going on

During the break between parties we were just relaxing in the suite

The party girl (very cute fit young Caribbean girl ) was dressed in a bright pink all-in-one pajama suit

Can you guess?








The fire alarm went off and staff everywhere telling us to evacuate

About 100 people outside when Steve and girl in pink pyjamas appear

The look on their faces was priceless  :drinks:

Offline Crackpott

Offline Jerboa

I'm sure they just assumed the girl was very tired, so she was having a afternoon knap when the alarm went off.  :P

Offline unclepokey

You've said it to me in the past, now I'll say it to you:
Steve, you are the man!

Uncle Pokey

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