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Seem to land back at this flat many times fair old turnover of czech chicks these days and the vfm usually is unbeatable. Had dose of the horn and czeched oot awork and clocked this wee hunny snaps looked great.Comms rapid and 15 min appt arranged for 10 minutes after txt .Parking as usual easy main street in Tollcross but can be a bit rowdy to say the least as my learned fellow contributer  auldie will attest to.Sandra most definitely the hoor in the pics although they are well photoshopped decent looking cracking pert tits well manicured wee landing strip.Offered a shower which I accepted plenty products good hot shower clean fresh if small hand towel fluffy ish. Well onto business no kissing allowed she let me have a wee play about one finger inserted but said know when attempting 2 wet as Fuck mind you lol .Reasonable owo plenty spit eye contact had to stop her as I was getting close to blowing .Hat on and mounted in missionary nice tight wee ride till I blew my load .All in all a very mechanical put on performance and that was just me Definitely vfm at £30 wouldn't see her again but for the dough a nice sexy wee chic
Link again would be appreciated all work done on moby
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2 review(s) found for Zuzanka Glasgow linked to in above post (0 positive, 1 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline auldie63

Awe fuck I must be getting old this is the wan I wis supposed to see, I've got the name wrong on her review. Just noticed it's the same link. My bad again.

Offline auldie63

I DIDN'T see this one. But have got her name wrong on the review I did for her.


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