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Author Topic: Michelle Independent -London hotel incall  (Read 2903 times)

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Offline HankF


Booking length- 60 mins


Lovely blonde Polish girl around 5'8/5'9. Great height for me as i am tall. Very attractive face and great Natural body. C cup breasts. Mid 20s I'm guessing


Michelle was very easy going and laid back which I like. Charming and funny. 

The booking- 

Had a quick shower and starting with some great kissing. 

Michelle was wearing a lovely figure hugging red dress which didn't stay on long. After I commented that everyone must be wowed when they saw her, she said that there had been a few clients that did not believe her photos were of her! So those people must be blind or something, as she looks fantastic.

Then went onto some OWO. Started gentle then onto some seductive shaft licking which was a great turn on. She also playfully slapped my cock on her tounge (gently!) which was a nice touch. Then at my request she did a bit more owo without using her hands. Not deepthroat but still felt great.

Then had some reverse oral, doggy (I like the way she turns her head back slightly so you can still see her face), missionary and finished in cowgirl.

Afterwards we had a pleasent chat (we are both not huge fans of one action star!). 

Left on time. Didn't feel any clockwatching.

The verdict-

A very positive experience. Sexy, engaging. Great kissing. Fun. 

The main thing I liked was the sexy noises she made during the booking. It felt like she was enjoying the session (without being fake or over the top) and was a great turn on.

Would I return?-


Hank F

115 review(s) found for Michelle Independent linked to in above post (112 positive, 0 neutral, 3 negative)

Offline boardyhell

lovely girl,exactly as its written on the tin,highly recommended

Offline Andy61

There are many reviews of the wonderful Michelle

If you show the AW link like this:


Then they will appear with this review
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115 review(s) found for Michelle Independent linked to in above post (112 positive, 0 neutral, 3 negative)

Offline HankF

Andy61  thanks for the tip

May I ask if you saw her this Monday?

Offline Michelle Independent

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May I ask if you saw her this Monday?
I already told you I cancelled whole Monday due to air con not working yet you still try to have a dig. This things happen.
And you can see this review has been written 7am this Monday.....I didn't get to hotel until 4pm
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Offline Cunning Punt

Not sure you need to be oversensitive because I don't think many people, including me, guessed it was a dig, even if it was.

Sometimes it's better not responding and keeping a dignified silence. I'm sure you've explained the situation to the clients in question and either way, your excellent reputation is intact.

Anyway, thanks for the review, OP. Slightly more than my budget but I'll get round to seeing MI at some point.

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