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Author Topic: Jenny Fox - Bathgate  (Read 3883 times)

3 review(s) for Jenny fox (3 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

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https://www.adultwork.com/866074 or https://www.adultwork.com/Jenny+fox

1 hour in call  £150

Looks - as advertised in the photos. Older women but looks younger for her age so definetly a MILF. Nice big ass and lovely legs. Small breasts so no saggy titties.
Comms - bit slow going back and forth by email to organise a day but nice and quick by phone on the day to confirm booking and location.
Location - nice modern flat in a nice part of bathgate, spaces for parking and not too far a walk from  the station.
Services - kissing (no dfk), owo, ro, cowgirl, miss, cif (no cim) overall really friendly and easy to talk to.

So fancied a bit of milf action at the start of the week which is why I decided to book Jenny especially when I saw she was in Bathgate and not Dalkeith like it shows on her profile. Booked in for an hour at £150.
 So as I got off the stairs up to her flat she was waiting at the door as requested in a wee secretary outfit. Very classy and just a bit slutty. Into her flat for a bit of a chat and a drink to put me at ease. Got the sense she would try and drag this out for as long as possible so after  5-10 mins I suggested we head to the bedroom for some fun. Although I did enjoy her flashing her legs and stocking tops at me as we talked, made sure I was hard before we even got in the bedroom.

Started with some very nice kissing and feeling each other up. Even in heels she was a good bit shorter than  me which I really like. Soon got her down to just her heels and stockings before going down on her. Took it nice and slow and feel like I got a genuine response from her that she was enjoying it. It was then my turn and she was going down on me. No deep throat unfortunately but she gives a very wet and sloppy blowjob. It was then on with the condom and her on top grinding away. Then flipped her over into missionary and kept at it till she came. She gets quite vocal and was really grinding into me at the end. Slowed it down after this and once she had caught her breath she suggested we finish with some more oral. So bag off and I got another sloppy blowjob with her between my legs and some tickling of my balls that really got me going. When I was close I got her to stop and finished wanking off over her face. Called me a right dirty boy but seemed to enjoy it.

After she cleaned us both up with wet wipes we lay down for a bit and cuddled and chatted a bit more. Was offered the chance of a shower which I took, nice bathroom and fresh towels which is always good. Once done wasn't rushed out even though by this point I'd been in for close to an hour and twenty minutes. All in was a fun time with a sexy older woman who still seems to enjoy what she's doing and isn't a clock watcher which is good especially after the long chat at the start - this seems to be to make sure you're at ease, good for a noob like me but maybe not necessary for you more experienced gents. Will definitely be back but gonna see what else is out there before I do.

3 review(s) found for Jenny fox linked to in above post (3 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

nice review mate, jenny is awsome, loved the bit about her flashing her stocking tops, must be her little party trick to make sure the guys "firm" up before heading to the bedrroom.

Saw Jenny a long time ago but had never bothered returning as she no longer lists kissing and OWO on her likes (both deal breakers for me). Seem like they're not off the menu after all, so thanks for the review; very helpful.

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No problem 404. And yeah lothianguy her teasing definetly worked.

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Aye she said she was away on holiday for a couple of weeks, should be available again when she's back.

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Been over a year since I saw Jenny but she is an absolute star and bit of a legend in my book

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Folk seem to speak highly of her … shame her profile is still unavailable.  :(

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... and she's back on adultwork, yay!

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About time, been wanting to revisit her for a while. Well spotted.

She looks good. Up for a bit of milf. Can anyone tell me how slim she is. Profile says 12 but the pics suggest smaller.

£150 x 1 hour = ? ... it doesn't add to me, so I'll pass. However, thanks for the review, it's seem like you've had a good time with her.

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Hey thrillseekeer been a while since I saw her so can't say for definite what dress size she was but she is definetly a petite wee milf. Small breasts, bit of a tummy. And she's tiny, in heels she barely reached my chest and I'm only 6 foot.

I have seen jenny a few times and she doent dissapoint, total milf, but classy with it, well worth the money

Her service sounds pretty mediocre at any price but £150 is taking the piss.

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