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Author Topic: ..CHANEL.. - Adultwork #2893642 - Touring Cambridge  (Read 733 times)

3 review(s) for Kitten Chanel (2 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline Magellan

[Changed from Positive to Neutral by Admin at request of poster]

..CHANEL.. https://www.adultwork.com/2893642 or https://www.adultwork.com/%2E%2ECHANEL%2E%2E

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A good punt overall. There were some non-positive elements which I am going to criticise, but generally I feel that my experience with this Polish-born (raised-in-UK) girl was worthy its £120 for the hour.

Location --- 8/10
+ Nice serviced apartment in CB1. Near a big shopping centre with large car park.
+ Spacious bedroom with nice sturdy bed.
+ Modern bathroom.
+ Fairly clean and tidy.
x Shared flat (with CRAZY MIA Adultwork #3079162).
x The flat had only one bedroom and though it didn't affect me I wonder whether they are professional enough to not take bookings at the same time slot.

Comms --- 9/10
+ Efficient comms. She only takes bookings by phone calls according to her profile so I just called her. She answered the questions asked and I arranged a booking with 1hour notice.
+ Booking started without delay.

Physical --- Looks: 8/10, Body: 8.5/10
+ Young girl. She is 20 (towards 21) years old as stated on her profile.
+ Pictures are hers.
+ Pretty face 8-8.5/10. She was with make up (Essex girl type). Nice eyes. Not sure if she was wearing fake eyelashes but anyway her eyelashes looked pretty good.
+ Her bum (which is undoubtedly her best body feature) is close to the perfect peachy bum and the view in doggy is spectacular. I give her arse a 9.5/10. She needs to take some pictures while bending in doggy. The ones she has on display now don't do her arse justice. They don't even remotely illustrate this superb feature of hers. It is comparable to the butt of a young Alexis Texas. Yeah it is that good.
+ Nice body overall. The profile pictures of her body are accurate.  She is about 5 feet 8 inches tall and fairly slim (size 10-12). Her breast is a natural 34A/B (closer to B), nice and pert with large nipples. By the way her profile says that her height is 5 feet 6 inches. That is incorrect. In centimetres she stated being 173cm and that's what I estimate her height to be as well.
Though her body is fairly slim and fairly firm she needs to lose a few pounds as she has some abdominal fat and in general she is flirting with size 12. As you can see from the pics her arms, thighs and legs are slightly on the thicker side. She is tall so even size 12 won't look bad on her, but size 12 won't be her at her best. That would be size 8. She also needs to do some work-out and get a little toned. She is currently not toned at all. All that being said I have to repeat that the pics are accurate about her size. She is not larger than in the pics.
Has quite a few tattoos. Not too many and not covering much surface area, however, so not something bothersome.
Her legs were not perfectly shaved. Not that hair was visible but you could feel the growing cut hair when touching her legs scratching you. To be fair I visited her late at night so it might had been the case of her shaving her legs in the morning and 12 hours later, hair was about to grow back. That is nitipicking I have to say. The cut-hair-scratching was barely felt to be bothersome.

Experience --- 7.5/10
+ Good sex. She got to every position requested and participated in the action fairly well.
+ Decent enough OWO and handjob.
+ Sufficiently hard working.
+ She seemed to enjoy reverse oral. Fingering was allowed too. After spending some time licking her pussy (which was tasty by the way) I performed some fingering. While I was fingering her she started playing with her clit simultaneously until she climaxed. . You can never be 100% certain with female orgasming but at beside the moaning she got wet and her clit became sensitive. Still if that was fake then she must have had a hell of a preparation  so I will praise her for that! On the flip side after she came her pussy became sensitive and she refused further pussy licking throughout the rest of the meeting. Not sure how I should feel about this. 
+ I came on her body.
+ No clockwatching. From the moment I stepped into the flat until the moment I stepped out 60 minutes were elapsed.
+ No timewasting tactics. From the paid hour about 53 minutes were sexual. Also she didn't check her phone or had other distractions.
+ She was clean/freshly showered.
+ She was wearing a nice sexy dress with nothing underneath.
+ She was polite.
+ She speaks English like an English native as she grew up and attended school in the UK since primary school. 
She is not bubbly or sweet. She is rather distant, hardened and serious. She needs to improve on the attitude department and become more engaging, more approachable and less passive.
She never initiates conversation and gives short perfunctory answers when you attempt to do any kind of small talk. Not being very chatty is a good thing as it reduces timewasting but not being chatty at all is an entirely different thing. Anyway these long silences didn't bother me much as I was not in any chat mood either.
More suited for experienced, assertive punters who can instruct her to do things as she is fairly passive and rather boring otherwise. If you are new, nervous or inexperienced she is probably not the most suited girl for you to put you at ease or take the lead.
Sex could have been more passionate. The GFE element was not quite there.
Blowjob was a bit toothy at times.
Not too keen on French kissing.
Lacks the stamina levels to tirelessly ride cowgirl for a period longer than 2 minutes.
x CIM is £40 extra. On the profile it is stated to be £30. It can be that her profile is outdated or worse she attempted to take advantage of the situation. CIM is not a service that I am bothered with so I didn't ask about it at the start. While she was doing blowjob I asked her if CIM is included and she said 'no'. Fair enough. Then I asked how much is it extra. Probably she thought I couldn't resist the temptation and she quoted £40. In fairness I have to say here that the profile says it is £30 for CIM and swallow so the quoted £40 was (I presume) with swallow too. I didn't partake so I don't know for sure but either way she attempted to charge me £10 more than what is stated on the profile.   

Final words
Although not perfect, the whole package is still sufficiently good for £120 an hour. I hope she improves on the non-positive elements described but nonetheless there are plenty enough things to make me see the glass more than half-full. She is pretty, she has a spectacular arse, she provides a good array of services, she is clean, she is honest with the time, the venue is good and she speaks perfect English like an English native. I might repeat again before she completes her current tour. I recommend her, though with some hesitation.

3 review(s) found for Kitten Chanel linked to in above post (2 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline Magellan

After a month, I met her for a second time, again for 1 hour £120. Unfortunately the non-positive elements I mentioned in my original review were more highlighted in this visit and as a result the overall experience was underwhelming and rather joyless. Anyway the following are the points that would be accordingly added or modified in my original review.

Physical --- Looks: 8/10, Body: 7/10
x She gained weight (probably a whole stone) and got noticeably larger. She went from size 10-12 to size 12 if not a bit larger than that.
x The increase in weight was even evident on her face which is now a bit bloated. She was a solid 8/10 facially now she 7.5-8.
x Her whole body has become a bit too meaty. To give you an illustration of how her body and face look now imagine Francesca of Amour but younger. Still good enough but it's a shame Channel is heading towards the wrong direction. If she doesn't want to do diet she, at least, she needs to be careful to not gain any more weight otherwise in a couple of months she will become size 14-16.

Experience --- 6.0/10
x French kissing was almost non-existent. Practically zero tongue essentially and even kissing on the lips was more reluctant too. It was very light FK even in the first booking but this time it got noticeably worse due to how scarce even kissing on the lips was.
x We got into a time dispute at the end. To be fair though I ultimately got my time.
x Sex was quite patchy. It was getting good at times but on others it was awkward. To this also contributed the several interruptions and other nuisances from her part, including a visit (of her) to the toilet mid-sex, a shower break mid-sex for me to wash up for OWO/69 (because of the supposed latex taste that the condom left in the penetration that preceded. She had given OWO before vaginal sex by the way and she could perfectly use baby wipes to remove any latex taste), and a time dispute towards the end.
x She constantly annoyingly put her hand in the way while pounding her. Occasionally it was to restrict deep penetration but mostly it was because she was trying to simultaneously play with her clit (which is a good thing normally) while the position was simply not suited for that.
x Her attitude was worse than last time. Hoped it would get better as it was my second visit but nope, it was even worse. Distant, dull, hardened, disinterested, bored, boring.   

All the other points I made in my original review (including the positive ones) still apply. The above are just additional negative points or relative negatives in comparison to the first booking.

Final words
In light of my second booking I am definitely not willing to return again. I would say though that I would probably still recommend her if her prices for 30minutes/1hour were dropped to 50-60/90 pounds. But for now (80/120 pounds) I do not. As for this review I will request for it to be marked down to a neutral rating.

Offline LL

x Her attitude was worse than last time. Hoped it would get better as it was my second visit but nope, it was even worse. Distant, dull, hardened, disinterested, bored, boring.

This was a mistake. Don't assume that a WG's attitude will change on a subsequent visit if it was bad on your first. Such transformations never happen. Although I've seen plenty of girls whose attitude go the other way - from good to bad as they become jaded with the job. Anyway thanks for the update.

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