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Author Topic: Portugal  (Read 955 times)

Offline Dakota


Heading to golf in Portugal this week and wonder if any of my associates on here was in a position to recommend where one might find some Escort action in the Albuferia area.

I am assuming some of you might have some experiences to relay


You'd be better off asking in the 'Europe' forum.

Good luck

Offline solway

Was over there for the last Scotland v Gibraltar game.
Watch out for transvestites in cars - alost picked up by 1 on the strip   :timeout:

Visited a knocking shop 5 minutes outside Villamoura. Asked in a pub and a taxi arrived to take us. Full of Brazilian girls. Dont remember name of it.

Been a few years ago in Portugal. Villamoura WGs cost twice compared to Lisbon ; they can be found in a bar somewhere nearby the casino area. There is also another club where you can get private dances and stuff like that, but that's no place for a serious punter.
Best choice is arm yourself with google translate and ask on the gp-pt.net forum.

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