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Author Topic: London/colindale luby love  (Read 846 times)

4 review(s) for Luby Love (2 positive, 2 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Current profile: https://www.adultwork.com/3226150 or https://www.adultwork.com/Luby+Love

time/price: 15 minutes for 40 pound

Location: 10 minute walk from colindale station. Nice set of buildings very clean and tidy.

Communication: Gave Luby a call from another phone because she put me on her block list as i cancelled my previous appointment with her but always picks up and is very fast to do so.

Score: 5/10 overall

Appearance: Luby is a very short Slovakian lady about 5 foot to be precise. Age wise looks quite young from the face would say about 25 ish but body wise has stretch marks over her stomach which is an ultimate turn off when she took off her dressing gown. Facially she is quite pretty.

Encounter: Picked her up after some flirty banter and put her on the bed for some nipple sucking as she wanted 10 more pound for french kissing which i politely refused. I then layed down for some BJ quite a shit technique, i could feel her teeth on my dick which delayed my hard on and i was running out of time.

For the main event i got her to lay down and pounded her in mish, she was moaning like a cow and shaking her bed. Then layed down and let her do the job by riding me up and down till i cumed.

Conclusion: She is a good girl quite decent but what gave this a neutral was her stretch mark on her body and saggy small tits but okay in the service department.
Would i visit again? Sorry but no mainly because of her body and reminded me of banging a 60 year old woman instead of a 30 year old.

4 review(s) found for Luby Love linked to in above post (2 positive, 2 neutral, 0 negative)

Saw that she's offering £50 for 1 hr b2b massage so thought I'd give it a go as my body was aching from physical exertions the previous day.

Answered the phone straight away and sent postcode asking to message when I'm there. Arrived 5 mins early and sent text msg; was told to wait 5 mins whilst she gets ready and true to her word, directions to flat was sent in about 5 mins (2 mins walk from Canons Park station).

Found the place easy enough and entered the flat to be greeted by a woman who is definitely different to that in the pictures. Wasn't too annoyed by that (nor did I mention it to her) as she was OK looking and I wanted the massage more than anything so proceeded.

She was a petite European brunette. Small breasts but a nice firm arse and little belly fat. She's likely in her mid-30's.

Massage was good actually; got some knots out of my back applying pressure and heat as necessary. B2B was good; intimate and sensual but no kissing, oral or penetration (as advertised). As she was about to finish me off, her phone started to ring which was a mood kill but she ignored it kept going to get me to the finish line which I appreciate as I would have left with the worst case of blue balls if I hadn't!

No shower was offered at the end of it (likely due to next punter waiting!) but I saw the bathroom and it was very clean and modern. Didn't mind as I was going straight home for a shower anyway.

Left the place with exactly an hour having passed.

Overall I was satisfied with the service offered for the price.

She said her name was Yana so guess she inherited this profile.

Hope the info helps!

Offline pumps

I was looking at this one due to her size, I usually avoid girls that hide their faces, but after buying that video I was somewhat turned off entirely. Thanks for the review.

Here is the video for those interested...... http://sendvid.com/56az8uln

This was neither the woman nor the flat that is now linked to the profile.  :unknown:

But like I said, she was worth the money for a good massage with HR.

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