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Author Topic: Stunning blonde - Anyone visited? Shard End - Birmingham  (Read 1967 times)

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Banning reason: Multiple account tout (thegreengnome2014, PunterQuest)

Offline azrael

The first one looks too good to be true, have you tried google reverse image search? Or maybe even toftt. Let us know how you get on, best of luck  :hi:

Or maybe hi sergie
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Offline Chuckman

Vivastreet links makes me wary and the first one seems suspiciously too good for that price point. In the other two links, which pixel is the girl in?

Offline Ming

Oh c'mon, if this isn't an advert by the pimp or madam I am a dutchman!

No way are these ads believable.....

Ming  :hi:

Yes I visited stunning blonde. It was based in a shopping area with the flats above. Not the greatest area but not really a deal for me.

The photo is definitely a fake but was pleasantly surprised nonetheless - Blonde lady... not bad looking by face but her body was smoking hot. Amazing ass...

Was guided up by what looked like a mardy brunette lady... I wouldn't fancy my chances there but the blonde lady was really accommodating. Made an effort and a good time

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