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Author Topic: Darna - Milton Keyne Escorts  (Read 403 times)

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Visited last week, 1hr for £120


Fairly efficient comms with MKE, spoke to maid and booked a session at short notice but could have easily done a walk-up if required.


Think Staples in MK i.e. close to station. Parking as always is a bugger in MK but Staples do allow short term parking for customers, otherwise park up by the law courts/library. The flat itself is very easy to get to and off the main drag.


Size 6, 32A, 5', dark skinned/hair and speaks good English, she said Eastern European but with her Midlands twank I suspect a little closer to home. Nice enough and young...

The meet:

Well she was my plan B (Plan A was Jai over at Annabella's who was booked for the next 3hrs!), the size 6 caught my eye as for some reason I was after something small and petite. The pictures on the website are rubbish but she looked absolutely gorgeous, really well proportion teen body, washer board flat stomach and a tiny butt, the ones you can hold each cheek fully in each hand. Puffy boobs and pubic mound (shaven). Facially quite pretty.

The problem is really the service, no kissing at all, OW and nothing even remotely GFE about the whole session, very mechanical/stand offish. Yes she looks great, is friendly, chatty and seemed a nice enough person but when we got down to business it was a major disappointment. Yes her BJ was quite nice even though covered and she actually was a really nice tight fuck but it felt like her idea of a meet was suck, fuck and goodbye, nothing in between, way too mechanical.

I think I've been spoilt by good independent girls at a much better rate, £120 for a mechanical fuck is terrible. I will not be going back to her and most likely MKE/Annabella's any time soon.

Offline vt

Bizarre that she claims to be EE, but you thought she was a Brummie!  :unknown:

Sounds like you've got to get off on the visuals alone with this one.  :rolleyes:

"Visuals" absolutely..  just about doable... but not vfm by any stretch of the imagination.

I guess MKE/Annabellas work on convenience and a certain air of respectability unlike some of the randomness/seedyness you encounter on AW, good for noobs. Suspect its the same for the new girls, learn the ropes, earn a name or hassle free?

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