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Author Topic: Gothic Destiny - English goth in Bermondsey  (Read 2875 times)

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Sorry for the delay but this review should have been written up sooner. Wish someone had seen her before me and saved me a wasted trip.

Anyway, saw her back in March when she was based around Bermondsey in some awful ex council flat not far from the local Tesco.


Had looked at her profile for a while and one afternoon after a very good lunch with too much wine decided to TOFTT.  Called and was there 30 mins later.

Soon as I saw her I should have walked. Not something I've done before so decided to see what might happen.

Anyway flat was clean-ish and fine. Simple bedroom in what was a student house (her flat mates were around so made it slightly scary). Post shower and paperwork done and some light kissing. She then said its only OW which is not what she had promised. Then she is very distant and really for the impression it's only about money.
Had a play, she has saggy large breasts; and a wobbly bum. 

Shot my load and was showered and out within 50 mins. Wasted time, money and journey.

Had an amazing follow up session with an agency friend to help erase the memory!

2 review(s) found for Gagging Gothic  linked to in above post (0 positive, 0 neutral, 2 negative)

Sorry about your experience. Strangely I meet her at a gig I was going to couple of weeks ago :).
Was about to go see her but went to see Hazel Kitty instead which was a great experience. Will do a review soon.

Offline Zeusthedoc

Thanks for the review S&B.

It's a shame about the punt. Thanks for TOFTT!

Offline Setodger

100% agreed with the OP, when I spoke to her on the phone she claimed that there would be 1 other girl at the apartment and that owo was on offer. When I eventually got to the apartment after her pissing me about there were at least 4 other voices in the apartment and owo was now off the menu. I walked straight away. don't waste your time on her guys.

I'll write my own review too, to stop anyone else wasting their time and money.

Offline will-ow

sorry to hear yours wasnt a good time! Gagging Gothic  of Independent Classy Bookings.... gagging and classy.... no....no....

Offline punther

What was her deepthroat like?

Did she allow face fucking / gagging?


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