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Author Topic: Johnny Rockard fails to become mayor of Bristol  (Read 997 times)

Offline sigmund

So Bristol pimp John Langley better know as Johnny Rockard doesn't seem the most popular chap but none the less you'd have thought he could muster more than 367 people to vote for him.  :lol:

Banning reason: Wanting post by another member deleted because in return the prossie will offer him 15mins for free

Offline JV547845

I don't even like him in the industry, let alone as mayor.  Don't really know why.

So Bristolians have elected the fuckwit who wants to ban strip clubs .

What will this mean for Bristol's parlours, and anything else that could be classed as a "brothel"?

Offline JV547845

He can only deny or review licenses, not make parlours illegal.  Worrying if he leans on the rozzers to make a raid, but as long as there's no complaints from the neighbours it all should be fine.

But parlours are already illegal unless they only offer massage, all he has to do is tell the police to uphold the law, and meanwhile he can deny a licence to any parlour where sex is rumoured to be available.  And his reason for banning strip clubs is pure ideology, nothing to do with complaints from neighbours.

I see trouble ahead.

Offline JV547845

Is that why WGs always ask "do you want a massage question" at the start of a punt then?  It's a trick question whose only purpose is to say "Ahahahaha, even if you're a police officer I've now not done anything illegal, we just had sex because I really fancied you, it's no worse in the eyes of a law than shagging a checkout girl in a supermarket warehouse".

AnywayyYou'll just all have to go four miles away and punt outside of Bristol then.  They should set up an Artemis Club in Ashton court :)

Offline tompreston


Well this pimp has exceeded himself. Waterboarding ffs.

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