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Author Topic: Brazillians and Cpaital letter profiles (LONDON)  (Read 503 times)

Offline WOP

Hello, I keep seeing these profiles on AW, mostly claiming to be Brazilian or Latin. Now most have 0 feedback, 2.50 private galleries, and with all the picture names in capitals and also the profile name is all in capitals ie. YOUR YOUNG BITCH, NEW BLONDE BOMBSHELL, KASSY 69 69

What I don't get is on the KASSY 69 69 profile (all London by the way) It says Colombian but nationality Romanian?
Are they EE pretending to be Brazilian? It seems fishy is there something not right about this? A google search of their numbers usually brings up a few pages. Some seem genuine with pics taken non airburshed from a normal cam. Is it a large PG scam?

There seem to be load in the Canary wharf/bridge area. Some have 1 or two feedback but a lot have fake ones.

But what I don't get is how they pay to be featured and have a unique number up. What's the deal?

Offline dajay3k

This is true for all around london.

I'm finding Eastern European brasses are lowering the standards sub £80 dramatically - IMO of course

Offline WOP

What is true? Hiding the identity?

It's just confusing... I mean, there are loads of them

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