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Author Topic: Miss Bond ... anybody any info pls ?  (Read 837 times)

She's been on my to do list for a while and I'm in Yorkshire soon, just my luck Miss Bond is "out of action" !!
Does anybody know why and / or for how long she's not going to be available please ?

Offline nad87

I think it was on a previous post or report about her she is no longer on aw but has her own website.

Offline Ade65

She did come back on AW though, but has gone again.....however, her own website still works, and she responds pretty quickly.

Thanks for that,
any steers towards the website please, or suggestions to google ..... ?
Ok, Bond Girl brings her up ... thanks.

Offline skk

I saw miss bond a few months ago it was the first time in years! She had her holiday booked the day after so i couldn't do an all nighter with her (It was a 2 hour meetup instead) but i'll have to save the pennies and she her at a later date! She's well worth meeting! Very sexy!

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